November 4, 2009

The Autumn Leaves...

My sister Kae has a new career...

TJ MAXX Tablescaper/Personal Shopper!
She bought me an assortment of
dishes, glasses and napkins to create
themed tablescapes! Lord knows TJ
MAXX is THE place to do that!!!

Can you get any "fallier" than autumn
leaves on your plates???? (I have had that
ribbon for years! I knew I would need it
someday! I have everyone at work
trained...whenever we all get a treat that
has ribbon on it...or comes in a cute box...
they need to make sure it ends up in my
hands! ;}

All of us sisters enjoy the goldware...
(a Christmas gift from sister Bee!) it's
perfect for a Fall table!

Glasses need love too!!!!

What? The pearls are too much?
Oh piffle! ;}

Purrrrr-ttty beaded leaf coaster!!!
Which could just as easily be part
of that table decoration or tied with
ribbon around the napkin!

How did that get there?!!!!!
Inappropriate use of the GGG...
but I can get carried away!

I's not quite a table"scape"...
merely a "place setting"...I'll work on
a bigger and better "scape"!

Opps! I almost forgot the "table treat"!
A fall-hued, GGG encrusted starfish!

And if you'd like to win this set of "Glitterfish",
just leave a comment on this post by midnight (pacific), Saturday
Nov. 7th. If you don't have a blog, be sure to leave your email address.
Anyone, anywhere. Winner chosen Sunday the 8th.

Sorry...pumpkin not included...I already decoupaged them! ;}

RUN, don't walk over to visit Susan...her tablematerpiece is
FABULOUS!!!!! You might actually weep! Not to mention
all the other gorgeous offerings!!


  1. Oh Girl what a fun place your sister has to work at...Did I tell you I love TJMAXX and Home Goods, Marshalls, I always find the best stuff at their stores and for very little $$$ which makes it so fun as I give most of it away to my daughters as soon as they see it on my blog they want it ha ha!! Love your star fish...and I have a spot for them in my just send them to me ha ha!! Hope all is well on your side of the mountain today...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Love the glittery starfish, they are just so cute, how nice your sister knows where to get the best tablescape dishes, they are inexpensive and fun to collect and photograph, I look forward to returning, I am a new follower of yours and would love you to come for a visit...

  3. A TJ Maxx just opened up less than 2 miles from my house!!! I am in heaven!!! And I knew you couldn't have a post without GGG. Great place setting.

  4. Love all of this. The more pearls the better.

  5. hee hee, you are so cute and funny...your place setting looks very pretty...i like the pearls...i haven't been to tj maxx for a long while...i need to get over there and see what's what...

  6. love the glittery starfish.

    Gorgeous photos as usual. Hope you are feeling better now.

  7. Beautiful leaf plate. You can never go wrong with pearls.
    Happy tablescape Thursday.

  8. What a great place for your sister to work. Everything is just gorgeous and I love all the gold and glitter. Hugs, Marty

  9. Lovely table settings! - and the beaded coaster is a beaut!

    You know I can't leave without mentioning your starfish giveaway - ooh la la! LOL

  10. How beautiful -- and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those starfish! I think I NEED NEED NEED to win them too! You've set a delightful table -- and girl! You can NEVAH have too many pearls!!!!!

  11. Where do I send my resume'??? Your lucky sister--lucky you! I saw the starfish at Susan's. I have been looking for a glittery one!!! Do you make these? buy them?? I have to have one...or more :) Love the giveaway. Hope you signed up for mine.--Thanks!

  12. Pretty Fall colors - TJ Maxx is the best !

  13. Wow lucky for both of you...This is a pretty tablescape and yes the fall colored starfish are perfect.

  14. Just so loverly! Now I love TJMaxx and what beautiful Fallness you've gotten. Love your Fallen table and I must say I was about to be disappointed that I didn't see any glitter! But you, Dear One, did not let me down! I scrolled on down toward the end and there it was - glitter! Glittered star fish! So lovely and shiny! You're the best!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Hello, your autumn table scape is fun and pretty. The pearls aren't too much they are just right. Love the glittery starfish.
    ♥ Rebecca

  16. i love all the glittered starfish on your site and i would be head over heels if i won the set :) plus i'm totally jealous of your sister's new job!!

  17. What an awesome job...and you sure have the talent for everything!!
    I bet we'll see red glittered starfish for Christmas!!
    I would so enjoy winning your giveaway.
    Thank you.
    Deb :)

  18. It's a crime to throw ribbon away in my family too.

  19. Your fall table is delightful with all the GGG! I'd love to win your glittery starfish. I think these are terrific and would be used year round at my house. Thanks for entering me in this glittery give away! ~ Sarah

  20. Your sister did good! And I love the way you arranged all of it.
    Lovin' the glittered star fish.

  21. Such talented girls you are!
    I would love to be entered into your glittery starfish giveaway!

  22. Love your table setting with the leaf napking ring ~ perfect with those dishes! Love your glitter starfish. I saw Susan's in her tiered server with the ornaments and it looks so pretty.

  23. Thanks to "Between Naps On The Porch" I was directed to your oh-so-inspiring blog. Trapped here in the Arizona desert as I am, my master bedroom is dedicated to all things beachy. Your charming glittery star fish would be a sweet match to the giant starfish I turned into bedroom curtain tiebacks! Keep the inspiring ideas coming, I'll be following along!


  24. Love the dishes. I would love to work at Homegoods or one of the other places too! I would spend more than I would make!

  25. Love all the bits and pieces of glitz on the table. TJ Maxx and Marshalls have been favorite shopping spots for as long as they have been around. If I worked there, I would not bring home a paycheck and I would need more room in my house.

  26. This is just beautiful...and perfect for fall. I love all the darling accessories like the leaf coasters!

  27. I'm sure that there is no "fallier" plate than yours! (I love the new word.)

    And yes, please enter me for the lovely, lovely glitterfish.

    And you know, I should win; 'cause I have no TJMAXX here in NS? Boo hoo :(

  28. Beautiful lucky to have a sister as your personal shopper! Who knew how pretty starfish were with a little glitter. I really like the leaf plate.

  29. You have a way with star fish - sista! I would have never figured you could get one worked in = but you did! Have a great weekend from Sunny Kansas!

  30. Love your place setting!! So, we're all invited for Thanksgiving, right? ;)

  31. oh, it's thursday! i love tablescape thursday and miss it. must jump back in one of these day. place setting thursday seems much less daunting! LOL

    love the table
    love that your sis bought you things
    love your continuation of glittering the sea stars!

    i got my hair cut today. straight - i must say it's a little bit kathleen kelly (wishful thinking?). wish the "frame" was, too. (jean stapleton? tom hanks?)


  32. What a good sista you have! You've trained her well. :o) The starfish are gorgeous! Love their colors, so please enter me. Thanks!

  33. Ohhh! I would love to win the glitterfish and my birthday is the 9th so that would be a perfect birthday gift too!
    Love your autumn goodies!

  34. Love those fall dishes. Please enter me in our starfish. Would love to put those in my sea room.


  35. Very pretty! The glitter fish are gorgeous!

  36. Love your "mini" tablescape. It is enough of a peek to imagine what the whole table must look like. Glittery starfish are so pretty. Would love to win them.
    Just found you through Cindy at My Romantic Home. I'll be back.

  37. Would love to have your sister create a beautiful table scape for me for the holidays. This is all so stunning. I saw the GGG starfish you sent to Cindy of My Romantic Home.Please enter me in your drawing for your beautiful starfish. Where have you found this beautiful glitter.

  38. A stunning tablescape! What a grat sister you have!

  39. I love the starfish, loving the fall colors, I'm a bit suprised, because, I know how much you love pink???? Anyhoo, I have a special place for them, I think I might actually win this time? What do you think??

  40. dillpicklefan@yahoo.comNovember 6, 2009 at 1:02 PM

    i LOVE all your glitter creations!! they are beautiful and have inspired me to create my own. i would love to win these treasures!!

  41. Girl your gonna need some Christmas lace for those dishes! Let me help.

  42. The autumn leave plates are really pretty -New to your blog and I am hooked :-)

  43. I definitely need those starfish for my lake house (my beach house).
    add my name in the drawing about 2 0r 300 times.


  44. Oh yes..enter me in the drawing! I love the crocheted placemat thingy for your setting. Also loved the leaf coaster--wow was that different. But best of all of loved your word!! PIFFLE!!! AHHHH

  45. Those starfish are very pretty!


  46. Hi! I just found you from Cindy at My Romantic Home's blog and I'm so glad I did! Your blog is wonderful! I can't wait to read more! I LOVE your glittered starfish! How creative is that! Patti in Texas

  47. Beautiful tablescape! Your place setting is it! I say the pearls definitely stay!
    :-) Now that's a sister who loves you...comes bearing gifts of china!


love to hear from you! ;}