October 10, 2009

What Can You Say...

I was just visiting Wendy @ Crinkleberry Cottage and
I saw her post about Stephanie from NieNie being on Oprah.
So, I just wanted to share it too and make sure no one
missed it. Not for Oprah...never have been a big Oprah
watcher, but for Steph's courage...
she was just like us, blissfully blogging until that day...
makes you think...
Steph's POST about her tv experience is
hilarious too. She's pretty amazing!


  1. My goodness...how tragic. How beautiful, how moving. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Thanks for sharing this - I meant to look up her blog, after I saw her on Oprah. I am following her now - we should all hope to have so much courage...............

  3. thank you so much for posting this...i have visited Steph's blog on a few occasions...but to read her account of the accident, and to see her in the video...watching her with her children...she is truly an inspiration on so many levels. ty..xo

  4. I wish I would've seen the show... she is a great mother and wife... I love reading her blog... she is VERY inspiring!

  5. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I learned about Stephannie a couple of months ago and went to her blog, I left 3 hours later. I laughed, I cried AND I left a changed woman! What an inspirational and courageous woman!!

    She's still beautiful and if...just if I was half the woman she is, I would consider myself lucky!

    Thank you for sharing this!!!!

    Big Hugs,

  7. wow.
    Gasp and hold my heart
    What a true and deep slice of life.
    Should be a movie

  8. I am a reader of her blog and I happened, just by chance, to tune in Oprah when she was on. She is truly inspirational and beautiful inside and out.

  9. hi!
    I have a link in my blog for nienie's blog since I found it, shortly after the accident
    she is a brave woman, for sharing her story, and for living each and everyday with such a heart
    I found myself thinking of her many times a day, she has touched my heart definitely

  10. i wish i had seen that...i am not an Oprah fan...but i have read Stephanie's blog...and i would have loved to have seen her on Oprah's show...

  11. Hi M, I'm glad you posted this. I did not know about this and am so glad you shared it. Brings alot back about her experience. You have to love her all the more for being so transparent! Hope your day is wonderful.

  12. I saw the show and live she is amazing!! I read her post as well and she just oozes such composure and humour and love and spiritual inspiration. Thanks for sharing this with everyone!! xOxO Nerina :)


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