October 28, 2009

A Tragic Tale Of Tablescapery...

Kae had a Fabulous Fall Fling (that was NOT for
Bee's birthday!) last week. And since she always
creates a beautiful table I thought I'd be able to get
some really great shots for Tablescape Thursday...

I got warmed up in her living room...

...and was able to get shots of the corners I
usually can't get because the sun is so bright!

Everything was going my way!

(Yes, this roast beast could feed all of Whoville!)

Then is happened....

YUK! Why do they come out like that?
I cannot stand it!

Suffice to say, this reflection shot is the best
shot I got of the table!

They get all blown out...
and there's all the "yellowy" light!
Does anyone know how to take
a decent picture using the flash??

This one is ok...but I forgot to move the
napkin so you could see the fall leaf under
the glass plate...but it looks really cool...
trust me!

I attempted to "adjust" this one...but it just
looks sickly! But you can see all the "table treats"
starting to pile up as each guest arrived!

And I just thought I'd show you this before
you all saw it on TMZ...the evidence of a
truly wild party! ;}

Any photog tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

Scoot on over to Susan's for some really
beautifully photographed tablescapes....
and this will fade from you memory like
a bad dream.....


  1. The table looks lovely..I love the use of gold in the setting!

  2. Oh, Dear One, you're too hard on yourself! Love your friends home. It looks so cozy and looks all soft and sweet like your creations. Your pictures look fine. I adore her hutch!
    Be a sweetie and go eat a piece of candy! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. It all looks lovely and like you had a great time. As for camera tips, I have learned to turn my camera flash off and just take pictures with the room light. Works soooooooo much better. Hugs, Marty

  4. Yes, I am with Marty, turning off the flash makes for better indoor pictures. Everything looks great and the main thing is you all had a great time together.


  5. i wish i could give photo advice. i am the 2-trick wonder with my camera. must make time to read the manual.

    looks like a beautiful feast! love all of the decorations, esp. the glittered white pumpkin -- ooh la la!

    cracking up over the line about TMZ. (did you know that that show is my guilty pleasure? i can't help myself!)


  6. Despite the quality of the pictures
    ( and you are too hard on yourself), the table is lovely. Do I see a glitzy white pumpkin? Love that. You must have had a great time!

  7. I LOVE LOVE that reflection shot. It's actually the best one I think. Well done.

  8. I can't help you with camera issues...have my own issues with mine.
    The table looks wonderful :)
    Love the Christmas star post and the little shaker with shells.
    Deb :)

  9. I've read where many bloggers say to turn the flash off. I have the same problem as you. If I could figure out how to turn my flash off, that would be a great start!

  10. I love all the shots, well not the one with the flash lol, I learned from Susan, between naps on the porch, never never never use the flash, take camera to any camera shop and ask how to shut off the flash, then just turn all lights on, use lamps any lights you can find and take lots of close up shots, I am a great student of hers, hope this helps...I love the after shot too...

  11. Her home looks so lovely all decked out for fall! I have the same camera issues you do! I try to only take photos in the daytime with natural light and no flash if I can help it. I get so frustrated with my photos when I do have to use the flash.

  12. I have no clue how to take a good photo with flash. So I don't. I try & turn on as many lights as possible. The table looks great from what you showed.

  13. I love your friend's house with all the white as it makes the fall colours pop. The 'scape is lovely too even with a "harsher" light than is ideal - you have captured some good shots though and the table setting is very pretty.


  14. The table still looks quite lovely and I enjoyed all the photos even if you were not able to get them to turn out the way you wanted. It's a lovely TS! very soft and feminine.

  15. What camera do you have? it makes a ton of difference. If you turn the flash of (recommended) you must balance your camera on something to keep it absolutely still or the pictures will be blury. If you can up the ISO value it needs less light (but it will get a bit spotty, that is not the correct term but you get it). If you use a camera stand (or an improvised one) and your camera allows it you can increase the shutter speed (making it longer) that way you pictures can be very well lit even under darker circumstances, but that won't work if you hold your camera in your hands.
    Well just my two cents hope that helps.
    BTW I really liked your shots, they weren't nearly as bad as you made it sound.

  16. i'm not sure if you can take an indoor shot that looks good with flash...that's why i don't take many pics inside my home...they always turn out too dark...and if i try to tweak the brightness when i am editing, they look all washed out...it's frustrating...the party looks great...i see the treats from you, they are sweet!!!

  17. Hello ~
    I know what you are saying about the flash....that is why this week I rushed home after work to get in a hour of sunlight for my scape - when I do the evening shots I get shadows or glows - I also take about 100 shots....LOL !
    Love your friends "wild party" the heart napkins made me giggle !

  18. Like all the other previous posts said, I just don't use the flash in my pictures. However, it also depends on the type of camera you have. I believe SLR cameras take better pictures and I don't have an SLR so its always tricky getting decent light. I'm planning to get an SLR on Black Friday.

    FWIW, I think your pictures are always great!

  19. This looks beautiful -- flash and all! I'll be the first to say I'm a horrible photographer -- working on that -- this looks fun and that's all that counts to me!

  20. The table looks great! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  21. The photos are still lovely. I just love the pumpkin with the glitter on it. I have seen so many creative pumpkins in blog land this year. They're not just for carving anymore!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  22. Lovely table settings!

    I use a flash quite often - and I agree, the yellowing is a real drag.

    I just put the photos into iPhoto - or any photo program - and adjust the color.

  23. So pretty, I love all the white with the pops of fall color. Looks like you all have a fun, festive time and very enjoyable party.
    I have problems too with my photo's, I am still learning.
    Have a wonderful day and Happy Halloween,

  24. I'm right there with ya girlfriend. It's on my Christmas List - a new camera - just for me - just for blogging. Anyone touches it, they die. And it will take perfect pictures, flash or no flash ;)

  25. Her table is gorgeous. Love the white mirror with the leave on it.
    Have a blessed day!

  26. Such a pretty home & table... so serene, even with the punches of orange.

    I have an old version of Paint Shop Pro that will change the lighting... a slider to adjust incandescent,fluorescent, & daytime exposures. Very handy.

    As for blur, tripods & timers help my unsteady hands in low light.

    Lovely day,

  27. I think your photos are wonderful! The table is really nice as is the rest of your friend's home you were able to capture!!

  28. What a beautiful home! I'm always impressed with any presentation from you, and this is no exception. I will say that I never, ever use flash. It yellows everything out. I have a dark house with few windows, but I work with overhead light. If I accidentally take a photo and the flash is on, I delete it. That's what works for me!

  29. It all looks great!
    I agree you are too hard on yourself! I tend to turn my flash off and play with the settings. Have a sweet day!

  30. I agree with everyone else..the pics are great! Thanks for sharing.

  31. We can learn together, but I think you are doing a great job and everything looked wonderful! Having the reminder of the fun times is what they are truly for right? ;)

    Take care! let me know if find some good tips that work like a charm!


love to hear from you! ;}