October 14, 2009

Me & Marty...

Yep. That's what I call Martha Stewart.
Not to her face, but still...
So, since I was feelin' fally, I thought
I'd be a pal and increase her considerable
wealth by buying more of her fabulous glitter.

{sidebar** Walmart rage** mine has, once again,
shrunk it's crafty section and now there are very few
of Marty's glitters available! So, I had to go to Michael's,
plus I had a gift card, but I had to buy the big
muhgamba sized bottles. (Do you find that when
you have a gift card you spend twice what it's worth
because all the time you're shopping, in the back
of your mind you're thinking, " well, it's like I'm
getting half for free..."...yah, dangerous.)

But I digress, nice huh?
Fabulously fallicious!
Not that starfish are a harvest
time staple...but look, I threw in
a pumpkin down there v

I don't t know why I took this picture...
doesn't it look like a really creepy
scarecrowy monster hand trying to
get the pumpkin?

...and then the pumpkin killed it!
{I need to get to bed!}

One more thing...Marty needs to NOT seal
up her glitter as if its equipped to survive
nuclear winter...that little plastic disc in
the lid that you have to pick out with a fork...
and then it bends and snaps back and all the
world is a cloud of glitter. I'm exaggerating!
Really! It's not that bad...it really only takes
4 or 5 minutes before your vision is fully

Oh, but she does make amazing glitter.
Worth every penny and the scratched cornea,
truly! ;}

I was thinking a wreath of fally starfish might
be fun?


  1. so funny you and Marty...love it...and of course lurve what you did :-)


  2. Love your starfisdh and yes, a wreath would be nice. I try to be super careful with them because they break so easy. And ideas for prevention?

    I love Marty's glitter. And yes, she has those caps...the same ones you get on herb and spice containers which I like to pry off so I can pour the stuff in my hand. That's life with plastic, I guess!


  3. Too funny that the pumpkin looks as if it were being chased.

  4. Ha-ha! Well I thought that one picture was kind of creepy too but I-I-I-I-I-I wasn't gonna say anything! ☺

    I was actully brave enough to use some snowy glitter last night! But now- you still like GGG better than Marty's- right?

    My fabric ladies at Walmart have been asking for petetion signers to not shrink our craft department. I hope they won't shrink it because us hillbilly girls USE that craft department!

    Concerning gift cards- I'm the one who always has something like 12 cents left on them! But when I was making money, it wouldn't have been like that. Then I was always like, "Well, I'll work some extra hours so I can pay for this." and I spent a lot more back then.

    Have a great day, M! ♥

  5. oh, my walmart did the same thing...the beading section is still HUGE...of course that is the one thing i have absolutely no interest in...your fall colored starfish look great...

  6. Such pretty starfish and I love your word- Fallicious!!!

  7. I actually found the smaller bottles of her glitter at Walmart - it wasn't with the other MS stuff/scrapbooking - it was over near sewing machines go figure -there were even more stamping items I'm not sure why they are there but next time you go check the whole crafting section............

  8. The starfish are just wonderful and I love all the pretty colors of glitter. Just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  9. I went to Wal-Mart the other day for MS glitter and, you are right, the craft section is much smaller and I already had the only glitter available. Bummer! It's not like I actually needed a new color. I just got in my head that I wanted red glitter. I'll have to go to Michael's and use my coupon.

  10. You're too funny! Thanks for the giggle!

    Gorgeous...love the colors. What's with Wally World? The craft section at mine shrunk too!

  11. gorgeous autumn hued starfish!

    I also am an enormous fan of Marty's glitter - ESPECIALLY the Florentine gold, which I also buy in the gazillion oz. containers! So much shimmer - makes my day gleam!

  12. I adore Love MS as well! You found some really beautiful items! ~Lovely. :)

  13. You and Marty LOL! Well, I love those starfish! She does make some great glitter!


  14. hahaha, so funny; love your storytelling and the starfish are faliscious indeed!

  15. dearest M,

    adorable post: funny and pretty all at once.

    you know if your stink-mart is clearing out their crafty stuff, be sure to really check every clearance end cap there is. you could score big.

    michaels tip: wait for the coupon {as if we can wait! a ha ha ha ha}. every sunday paper has a 40% coupon. you must be loving your mojambo (sp?) bottle o' glitter!!!

    love the idea of referring to martha as marty! marty stew! or her rapper alias: M-Stew. okay, i'll stop ...


  16. Fabulous!!! And I feel the same way about Walmart sizing down their crafting & fabric section. Boo hoo!!!

  17. You MUST be getting paid by Marty's staff...because you have totally sold me on this glitter!

    Must get some and soon!

  18. Your so funny, calling her Marty. I never tried her glitter, heard good and bad reviews. Love your blog, stop by and see me soon! Michelle

  19. Gorgeous...love the fall colors. I like that..."Marty"...to funny! Sounds you guys are old friends and go way back! I'm glad the pumpkin won out over the scary hand/claw! :-) You should write children's books...great imagination!

  20. Every time I read your posts, you just crack me up~ too hilarious!! I really love the visual~ and the pumpkin killed it! Hahaha!! The glitter thing... I know, industrial wrapping kills me. On that note, funny... my mother-in-law loves to send packages quadruple wrapped in packing tape... it's like trying to get into Ft. Knox!

  21. I'll have to check out this glitter. Your starfish are super cute!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!


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