October 5, 2009


You may have see this button about...
here and there...
and been more than a little vexed
by it!

Well, join the club! Cheri, the hostess of
this event, is about ready to change the
name of her blog to "It's so Very Frustrating"!

She went to all the trouble to gather up
a whole slew of fun give aways for all
of you to enter...but she has been thwarted
at every turn by the whims of Blogger!
Pictures won't upload...comments aren't
showing up...you name it!

So, he has extended the deadline and asks that
you email her @

for your chance to win any of the items I
have shown...and many more...
Don't miss out!!!!!


  1. how frustrating!!! i had trouble with the page loading there, but i thought it was just my computer...

  2. I just had to tell you that I love your blog and all your beachy creations. It's so refreshing to see some pink with the beach! I'm now a follower and I also took your button for my blog.
    Have a blessed day, Tracy :)


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