October 18, 2009

Blue For You...

It's that time of year...
the time when yoru mailbox is not
big enough for all the catalogs the
mailman wants to stuff in it...and I
LOVE it!
I get that catalog then hop on the
'net and check out their full selection...
and I usually search by color first...just
to be absolutely sure I don't miss
anything pink...sorry, but it's true.
So, as I scanned the COLLECTIONS ETC
site the other day, I noticed some cute
blue things and did a "blue" search and
found so many cute AND cheap items,
I just thought I'd share the BLUES with you!

The set of bowls above...$9.97!
How cute would those be filled with
blue or silver vintage Christmas bulbs??!!

$21.99 (four place settings)
I 'm wordy, so I like things with words
on them! These are darling! And cheap
enough to use when giving cookies or
treats away, plate included!!

$11.97, set...LOVE the design!!

$10.97...I love every thing about this
breadbox!!! The shape, the design, the
dark wood on the top...I just don't need
bread box! Right?

$6.97...pretty cute...porch, entry hall,

Love plates, love clocks, so a
plate-clock...adorable! $5.97!!

$10.97, set...

$9.97, set..ok, so I am obsessing on the
canisters, but can you have too many?
They all don't have to be on your kitchen
counter...pet food, laundry detergent, cotton
balls...they can be used in any room to hold

$3.47...I would soooooo put jewelry on my
cat...if I had some kitty sedatives!

$4.97, it's so cheerful & happy...
I know Heidi had one just like it
in her house!

$11.97, set...I see these in your beachy
living room filled with a variety of stark
white shells!

OK, I am all done being your personal
shopper!! Just wanted to be sure that all
you Bluebelles didn't miss out on anything
blue or a new resource for cheap cuteness
this holiday season!!!

Stop over at SALLY'S for more
Blue Monday blues!

Dear Feds,

I do not have any relationship with
Collections Etc, have never received
one thin dime from them, in fact, they
have no idea that I exist...so there!


  1. I love,love all the blues you've found....the first set of bowls has to be my favorites but they're all so pretty. Happy Blue Monday..have a lovely day.

  2. What pretty blue finds! love them all.
    Happy BM, my entry is here!

  3. My MIL get ao many of those catalogues. I just love looking through them when I visit her. The dog jewelry is so cute. However, Caesar is a boy and he would be humiliated.

  4. You found some nice blues at great prices. I'll have to keep my eye open for the Collections catalog!

  5. Hi, So many gorgeous blue finds! Have a sweet day!

  6. Well collections know that I exist because I purchased something from them years ago! Their stuff *is* just so cute! They keep sending me "just one more" catalog before they take me off their list. ☺ Good thing I have the Internet but a catalog in the mail is always fun! ♥

  7. I am glad I have joined you guys, I am loving what I see in your posts.. Very nice collections!

    My first BM entry

  8. So many pretty blues, M. I especially like the solid blue canister set. Happy Blue Monday.

  9. What pretty blues! I love the canisters with the shells on them; especially the white ones. The first set of bowls; very cute! Happy Blue Monday.


  10. Wow you really got the best ones. I like the first one too. Happy Blue monday.

  11. Good morning, you make me want to go shopping in this catalog book and order things for Christmas...thanks for sharing these great items!!!
    Have a fun day. Baba

  12. So many gorgeous things and the prices are just unreal. Love them all. Hugs, Marty

  13. Christmas is coming. Love the clock

  14. I love all the blues you've chosen to share with us today. That cannister set was a real bargain and I really loved the plate clock. I hope you are having a wonderful Blue Monday.

  15. I love all those blue items. I, too, start getting several attempting books a day this time of the year. In fact, I believe I get this one. I enjoy looking through them, but seldom order as the postage is so high.

  16. Thanks for sharing Collections, Etc. with us. They have some very pretty things. I'll have to check them out online.

  17. Theyare all pretty and eligant. the clock catches my attetion, so cute

  18. I always pour through the Collections etc.catalog. However, I don't usually buy much. I have too much stuff now. It is a fun shopping trip though. Love your blues you picked to share. Amazing prices too.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  19. Wow, thats a lovely bunch of blues you've found. All so pretty.

  20. Cute blues! I love canister sets too...my big one holds dog treats!

    Becky K.


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