September 28, 2009


Several weeks ago, my sisters gave me
some tealightful treats so, I figured
"Tea Things Tuesday" would be the
perfect time to share them!

A set of dessert plates with beautiful
Redoute roses from Bee.

A lustre-y gold teapot (reminds us all of our
great grandmother) from Kae. The gold is

You can't get rosier than a rose shaped
teapot! A picture just does not do this
justice, it's one of the prettiest pinks I
have ever seen.

And how cute is this lid? I want to
wear it as a pin! Would people stare? ;}

And this is just plain cute! A birdfeedery
dish thing...surely not food safe but I can
usually find a way to adapt most anything
to me needs!

Be sure to stop by KIM'S to find more tea-licious treats!


  1. A rose tea pot! Cute! Yes, people would stare because it would probably be so heavy that it would make your blouse hang open! ☺

  2. what good sisters you have to present you with such delightful...oh excuse me..."tealightful" treats!!!

  3. Love your tea-ful things!! I think that lid would be a great pin!!! Glad you could join us!!!

  4. I wish I had sisters like that! sigh.....:)
    That rose lid is to die for!!

  5. Everything is beautiful! I love the rose teapot, it is so pretty! I want to wear the lid too, lol! Also love the birdfeeder dish full of buttons!!

  6. Beautiful! Right now a Tea Party sounds just perfect.

  7. What a lovely post.... I also enjoy seeing your pretty header.

  8. Such beautiful treasures. The teapot is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  9. The rose lid looks positively real! And your sisters have wonderful taste! How lucky you are!

  10. HOLY COW!!!!!
    I have two of the same rose teapots, but mine are a very dark rose color! I had given the larger one to my Mom as a gift, and who would've thought I'd find a smaller one to match in an antique store about a year after she died. I snatched it up.
    I have got to join this Tea Things Tues!. It just looks too fun.
    Just have to find the time!
    Thanks for taking me down memory lane!!
    I love color of your teapot. and the purple set at the beginning is gorgeous!
    Wonderful post!

  11. I"m lovin' the bird feeder!

    I would probably fill it up with chocolate candies so it would be a Tristan feeder.

  12. Hey M!
    Oh what pretties to behold! Love that pink spoon with the tiny seashell, and of course the rose china too! I always love catching up with your posts! I hope you have a great day!
    Big Hugs,

  13. What sweet sisters to give you such wonderful treasures!
    That rose pot is adorable!

  14. A cute teapot and I love the gold handle! Quaint!

  15. So pretty, I love the rose teapot! Bisous... Julie Marie

  16. Oh your tea is just fabulous!
    I love the small shells in the bird bowl! Wouldn't it br fun to have shell shaped sugar!
    Happy Tuesday!

  17. So pretty. That rose shaped teapot it great. Such a pretty shade of pink on the rosebud. You are very lucky to have sisters that give you such lovely gifts.

    BTW. Love the blog butone you creaed for "Tea Things Tuesday". Would you mind if I copied it to include on my blog for my Tea Things Tuesday posts in the upcoming weeks?

  18. Beautiful teapot with the gold rich! Love the little pink rose girlfriend has the same one, but they had old out when I went to get one...lucky you! And the plates are beautiful! Wonderful tea things...I enjoyed seeing them!


  19. Neat tea pot!

    Can;t wait to see your pet party post!

    The party is on now--come see the video....

    love, kelee

  20. Your tea things were delightful! How sweet of your sisters to present you with such wonderful gifts! I love the dessert plates with the single rose, very charming. I plan on joining you ladies next week for Tea Things Tuesdays. I enjoyed my visit with you very much. If you have the time, please come and visit me at Bunny Cottage. Vicki

  21. Very beautiful. I love the lustre-y gold teapot and the rose teapot, so different, but both so pretty.


love to hear from you! ;}