September 13, 2009

I Put The "Duh" in Huldah!

When I bought these, I thought they were
Huldah' they say, "If it sounds too
good to be is." They were $5...
practically free...shoulda known!

Well, I took one look at those cheapo
plastic frames and knew they HAD to
be painted...stat!
I was just going to spray right over the
pictures...but that girl in the pink dress
got to me...I cannot blot out anything
pink from this world..., I just flipped the pictures over
and sprayed the backs! Now I had the
blank canvas I wanted...because, you
see, I had an idea...

A little starfish, a little glue and VOILA!

Simple, white, beachy...just what I had
in mind!

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  1. Cute, Cute! Wish I lived even somewhat close to a beach so I could enjoy great stuff like this... It's BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Wow! They're perfect.

    I hardly know you but just from reading your blog from time to time I can say "they're SOOOOO you!"


  3. You never cease to come up with ideas for your starfish...and I love it!!

    Great job! ;-)


  4. okay, at these very moment, I am going to join in this occassion of "duhness" I have no idea what a (Huldah) is but inquireing minds, like "mine" would love to know???
    Oh yeah, they are just too cute!

  5. So cute. I am redoing one of my bathrooms with more of a beachy theme. I think it will be perfect even though we live on a lake, and not the ocean. Seeing all of the pretty beachy blogs is my inspiration. I always love your glittery starfish!!
    ♥ Rebecca

  6. You are too good to be true! I would love to look inside your mind and see how you come up with all this pretty. Everytime I come here, it's another eye feast of Ocean goodness. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  7. Lovely ! You always find great frames!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. AAaw! I couldn't have covered her up either! Lovely work! I enjoy seeing what you come up with.

  9. So pretty! But what's a Hulda?

  10. What a great idea., andI love your blog. The photo at the bottom with the shells in front of the curtains caught my eye because I have done the same thing on our lanai. Yours are prettier.

  11. They look lovely..I never would have known they were plastic!

  12. An inspired idea-- Starfish are sooo versatile!

  13. What a wonderful idea! I love what you do with starfish...
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  14. just tooo cute for words!!
    i love the frames. You make cheap look goooood!


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