September 7, 2009

Black Hearted...

Yep, that's me, black is in my heart!
Because I {heart} Beeston!!!
This is one of my all-time favorite chintz
patterns, in all it's black backgrounded glory!

It's called BEESTON and it's a chintz pattern
by Royal Winton. Like many Royal Winton patterns
it is named after an English city.

I think I was drawn to Beeston because
of it's Mary Engelbreity-ness...the bright
flowers against the black so remind me
of her work.

I decided I loved Beeston LONG before I
was ever able to hold a real live example!
It's a tad rare which means EXPENSIVE!

So, I had to bide my time...waiting for that
Ebay seller who was just trying to get rid
of grandma's flowery teacups... ;) And
had no idea he had the mother load in
his possession... I felt no obligation
to enlighten him :0

Oh, sure, I may be hell bound...but I
have some niiiiiiiiiiiiice teacups until
Care to join me for a cuppa? ;)

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  1. They are very pretty! It's no wonder you like them....Christine

  2. Ahhh..just found your lovely lovely blog and I am adoring this post on your black flowered so pretty indeed...makes my heart go pitter patter. Off to see what else I have been missing out by my not following your blog! Will be back!

  3. Yes this is a beautiful combination of colours.

  4. Oh, such a beutiful set of teacups and saucers. They are so pretty!

  5. Hey girl.
    As the official guest host for Tam, at Three or More Tuesday, I'm coming by to say hi, and thanks for joining in.

    Love that tea set. It is striking with the black background.

    Take care and have a wonderful week.

    Barbara jean

  6. What beautiful china.So so pretty

  7. Just gorgeous - I know whatyou mean about black. I love the black paisley eiderdowns too!

  8. This is real nice stuff. I often wondered If I should collect it. But in that period it was all of the suddon very expensive. Now the prices have been lowered.Is the last picture your whole collection??? It's pretty amasing.Love to see more of it.Come and watch my bird cups and saucers from last weeks Tree or more.

  9. Oh the Beeston is so pretty. I just became a black accent girl & now I so love anything black. I think I just love it all.

  10. good for you:) i don't think you will be hell bound over is the sellers obligation to do their homework...

  11. Certainly a very pretty design! I have seen it before and loved it but didn't know the name!

  12. Yes, you're right, it does have a Mary Engelbreit feel to it...

    Thank God for people trying to get rid of Grandma's stuff! ♥

  13. I adore this lovely china, makes me want to grab my grandma's old china and savor a cup of hot tea and toast.
    happy day to you

  14. I too have always liked Beeston; however, I do not think that there is one piece of it in my collection (but I must look around to make sure). Congratulations on making such an excellent find!!

  15. chintz lovelies!! It is kinda M Eish.

  16. I have never seen this pattern and am so in love. The black really makes the flowers it!!

  17. You crack me up, I also love this pattern, they remind me of my dining room curtains I stole from someone Lol!! (on ebay). There black with a floral print..... Oh well, that's why it's fun on ebay, great deals! I'm gonna look for this pattern, although, god knows I don't need anymore teacups.......

  18. just lovely! The flowers realy stand out against the black!

  19. I love Chintz of every colour! Love the black too. I think it is the china fairies prefer, only miniature of course! Have a lovely day.


  20. Very pretty! I don't think I've ever seen the black before. I really should check out eBay more often. Who knows what I'm missing out on.

  21. They are so beautiful. I would love to have something like that too. Don't see them in black too much.


  22. If they were so uncaring to get rid of grandma's pretty china I certainly would not feel bad about not telling them what they are worth... they will have a much better home with you now anyway... Bisous... Julie Marie

  23. I'll join you if I can have mine in that pretty Mary Engelbrietish teacup! I have got to find some of these!

  24. Lucky you!!! They are so fabulous!!!!!
    Sigh, you do have the most wonderful and divine collection of tea cups!!!!!
    I am always envious of them, not really but just a tad.....hehe!!!!!
    Margaret B

  25. So glad to see you do a post for Tea Things Tuesday. Love your beautiful black and floral chintz. I can see why you are so drawn to this pattern. The floral pattern just pops against the black background. It reminds me somewhat of the very first teacup I ever purchased, which while not chintz, was black with a pretty floral pattern and I still have it in my collection.

    Have a great week!!


  26. Oh, I would love to join you for a cup! Those are gorgeous! I have touches of black in my house, and those would look wonderful on my dining table! I'm on the hunt to find some...thanks so much for sharing them with us today!


  27. Oh these are lovely! I've never seen these before! It is so nice to find something you love!
    Hugs, Lisa

  28. Hi -

    LOVE the chintz so much. I have T cups and saucers too, and they're not so easy to find anymore - you got lucky.

    I lost so many in one of our earthquakes and I saved all the broken pieces thinking I would make a masterpiece one day and I never did, so I gave em to my friend.

    Nice blog and I'll be back -

  29. They are gorgeous -- a charming blend of chic and sweet! Love them, and we can all gather together in the Netherworld with our ill-gotten Ebay bargains, and toast our clever shopping! :-P


  30. All I can say You Go Girl, I sure at the time you were so excited. Well I'm glad you got them, especially how much you love them. Isn't it nice how things work out sometimes. They are lovely!!

    Enjoy your day-


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