September 29, 2009

All Creatures Great & Small...

It's time for the PET PARADE with Kelee @


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Kelee is our gracious hostess for today's
event to help raise much needed $$ for
the poor little furry guys who have fallen
victim to the rotten economy! Please be
sure to watch the video above (tissues
in hand!) and leave a comment on
KELEE'S blog...
each comment made before Oct 1st is worth $1!
Every Little bit helps!

As you probably figured out from the
^..^ by my name, I'm a pet person.
I do now and have always run a halfway
house for stay and cast-off pets (not
literally, but it seems like it!)
My sisters' pets were rescued too.

This is Kae's "Hero"...LOOK AT THOSE
WHISKERS! He was a graduation present
for her oldest son several years ago. A
shelter baby, he was little and had weepy
eyes and they thought he might be frail for
the rest of his life...NOT HARDLY! He now
weighs art least 20 lbs and has feet as big as
mine! Lizards fear him!

Oreo is our bloggy doggy and spokesmodel...
(just because she's the only one who will obey
the "sit" command.) She was adopted by Bee...
she was supposed to be a chihuahua... ;} She love
to chase ice bits across the floor and sit on her
dad's shoulder like a parrot!

This is my Sammy. She was adopted by a nice
family after the neighborhood stray had kittens...
then their house burned down and they had to
move into an apt. and could not keep her. She
went to live with her dad's sister who was living
a glamorous life in Venice...when that got old, she
moved back home to go back to school...Sammy
needed a new home and since my Princess had
just died the day before...she became my new

This is Bee's "Jack"...he just turned 21 in June!
And this is what he does most of the day!
He was rescued as a newborn from the trash bin
of a grocery store, with his 4 brothers & sisters.
Bottle fed and the whole nine yards.

Sabrina Fair (her mother is a bit obsessed with the
movie "Sabrina"!) She was rescued from
and she is a tiny little pistol, trashcan tipper overer &
squirrel chaser! She loves to take daddy for a walk
and will sleep like a baby in your arms.

And this is my guy, Dutch. He was a newborn
rescued for the pound with his 3 brothers and
sisters and was bottle fed and cared for during
the entire editing process of the 2nd X Files movie.
I'm very happy Chris Carter decided to only keep
Dutch's brother and not him! I love my little

We can't imagine our lives...

without our furry little monsters!

And we can't imagine...

being forced to leave them...

or give them up!

Please remember to leave a comment on
KELEE'S blog

and give little guys like these a new
lease on life!!!!





  1. What a BEAUTIFUL post!

    Each image is so lovely and your narrative perfect!

    What a "family" you have!

    Thank-you for being a kind supporter of the pet cause!

    We love you!

    kelee & oliver

  2. Aw ♥ ♥ ♥ I love tortoise shell cats and have had 4 in my life time and 3 of them were strays. Maybe it's a coincidence but they always have such unique personalities. I had one who could open the door to get in- never out- just in. ☺

  3. all of your little fur babies are so cute!!!

  4. I got tears in my eyes reading this post!!!! ALL of your animals are just beautiful!! I am such an animal lover (I get along better with them than people,lol!). My dogs are both rescue dogs. I will ALWAYS rescue my pets. There is no other way!!
    Beautiful post and please kiss and hug all these sweeties for me :)
    Bunny Hugs,

  5. Love your babies! Isn't this too much fun!
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. Oooh I am in love with ALL of the animals, and all of the people who rescue them... our home has always been a haven for homeless animals too, as well as wild ones and birds... thank you for your sharing my passion and love for All of God's precious little creatures... I cannot imagine giving up a pet... I would go without food or clothing myself first... Bisous... Julie Marie

  7. What a beautiful post! It made me a bit teary! Lovely stories about your rescues. Mine are both rescues and they are our children.

  8. wow - you really do have a haven for pets! That is the largest chihuahua I've ever seen LOL - and I am absolutely in love with Sammy! What a sweetheart!

    Good on you! I don't know how you do it. I can't keep up with ONE pet LOL.

  9. What a beautiful post, I so loved all the sweet photos.. such cute little babies. I feel the same about my Isabella,, she is our life.. thanks for sharing your sweet fur family.. have a great week.


  10. What a lovely family you have and a beautiful post yet again!!

  11. Hi M :)

    I loved this post. I knew you had a kind heart, but now I know just how big it is :)


  12. Precious babies, one & all. A truly beautiful, heartfelt post.


love to hear from you! ;}