August 2, 2009

Right Under Your Nose!

So, I have been MAJORLY cleaning my garage
this weekend...MAJORLY! And I found that I
don't need to shop for anything, EVER AGAIN!
Man! The things I have that I had forgotten...
(is that a good or bad thing?! ;)
So, what's more thrifty than "shopping" in
your own garage and creating some pretties
from long forgottens, misfits & castoffs?

For whatever sick reason I have been wanting &
looking for more tiered servers on Ebay & Etsy
lately....thankfully, I didn't find any, but the itch
is still there, so....

A milk glass candle holder & white pressed glass plate
and, VOILA!

A misfit (or orphan, as we used to call them in our
chintz collecting days) tea cup & another pressed
glass plate...

I am loving white...A LOT...lately!

As I have said before...what, in truth, can you
really use a demitasse for? Nada! But if you
turn it up-side-down... can hold trinkets buy the sinket...I
mean sink.

Ok, I didn't really seal this deal with glue...
but cute would that be!

This cup is a stray...and the plate is a tad
wonky, but together, they make beautiful music!

Once upon a time I could not live without
milk glass & pressed glass...hmmmm...
apparently that was a phase since I haven't
seen any of it since I moved! ;)
But oooooo I likey!!

This one is my favorite!
Yes, more pressed glass...and
milk glass...

...but since the plate is see-through, I
just went for it and filled the little
dish with shells first! An extra added

Why I needed these or where I will store
them...I have no idea...perhaps in my
garage! ;) But sometime I get an idea
and an urge and I am a woman possessed!
Until they outlaw inanimate
object is safe!

BTW...simple glass glue and that's have a cake stand or
pedestal dish in two shakes of a
lamb's tail!

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  1. Oooooo your cup and plate pedestals are BEAUTIFUL!! I absolutely love them!! I am on a mission to get my garage more organized and that is some great inspiration!

  2. What fun you must have had in your garage! I love it when i find things I had forgotten about too!!!
    I love the upside down teacup and saucer idea. It's totally brilliant and so simple.

  3. Hey! I'm going to go look in my garage! (Ha-ha! I don't have one!)

  4. I love doing this for our shop. Makes for gorgeous displays ... TTFN ~Marydon

  5. What beautiful treasures you created...I cannot part with anything either, I have closets full of "saves" have inspired me to start creating something pretty...I love seashells too...I see puppies in your next post, are they yours? I must read further...

  6. Fabulous fun. If you're gonna be possessed, be possessed by beauty :-) Fabulous fun.

  7. Great job putting those together.
    Love the tiny petite pink rose plate and cup (you just sat them together, not glued).
    Also, toward the end, the clearish dish, with the shells underneath. Guess you know I'll be looking for things to do that with!!
    Barbara Jean

  8. I love your blog! So glad you came to visit mine so that I could find you. I'm adding you to my blog list.

  9. How funny, I have the same little bowl as in your last picture and don't know what to do with such a tiny piece either. I may need to scour for a translucent plate now!

  10. So many great idea, I have been taken with mismatched tea cups latey too! Thanks for visiting my blog and it is so funny you left a comment, because I just saw your blog as a favorite of someone's (sorry can't remember who) and the OC caugh my attention! :) Anyway, check out the irvine flea you won't be disappointed!

  11. So glad I added you to my favorites. What a cute idea to make the little pedastals. I expecially like the chintz one...but i can't quite pick a favorite. They are all so pretty. I love the white too.

  12. What a great idea to make the cup and plate into pedestals! Hmm? I should make one for me. :)

  13. I love the looks - so nice with the teacups ! Beautiful displays !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  14. Oh, I love that pink one the best! But that one with the shells is swell too! I wish I could shop in my garage. I've got a bunch of stuff that I got at garage sales on shelves, but my husband set a huge, heavy piece of plywood in front of it, so I can't get at any of it. Maybe that was his plan all along...

  15. Oh how adorable! I love them all. :)


  16. what an awesome idea! Now I wouldnt have thought of doin that in a million years!!
    Thanks heaps for the idea!!
    have a great week!

  17. Love the cup/plate pedestals. So pretty

  18. Cute ideas!!! I know I have a lot of those "orphan" pieces I can't seem to have the heart to get rid of... Yeah, my garage is a Pandora's box!! I don't know, if I get in there to do some organizing they may have to send a search and rescue team to go after me!!

  19. Wonderful transformations! I love the pink rimmed plate and matching saucer - We closed on our house in NM last week and brought back a 26 ft gooseneck trailer filled with goodies from our house down there- It will be like what you did shopping in your garage- can't wait to start digging in!


  20. Beautiful ideas here. You MUST clean out your garage more often and share with us!

  21. I never thought to use them that way, great ideas.



  22. Good idea! Great way to use what you have on hand. Try a plate on stemware, too...stack them another layer, too. It's lovely...

    (Artfully Graced)

  23. I love them! Brilliant!!! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm a new follower, can't wait to see more!

  24. Cute, cute, cute..Your mind is working now!!! great idea. I too love the see through one, so delicate! xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  25. wow can I come shop in your garage lol...

    I must admit I could probably find some forgotten treasures in mine, it's sure due a clean out


  26. Such a pretty and clever idea. Love finding ways to repurpose pretty things!

    Thanks for sharing!


  27. Oh they are so cute. I like to do this for buffet tables to give the food highth. I don't glue them though. I love rediscovering things!


  28. I am off to the resale shop today to look for some tiny cups an saucers. I looooove this idea. Thanks for sharing.


  29. pretty, pretty, pretty... Makes for nice displays! sue

  30. Love the cup and plate pedestals! I just bought a vase made from a light fixture globe and a dessert cup as the base. I love it and can see more in my future!

  31. I've been cleaning and attempting to organize our garage the past couple of weeks. The whole time I'm thinking to myself that I have some serious issues...I have collected so much stuff!!!

    We should have a Swap Meet!

    {The ParTea Planner}

  32. so pretty! My fave is the one with the thick pale pink border and colorful flowers in the middle.

  33. It's neat what you've came up with. So pretty.
    That one dish that's translucent white is very pretty.
    I have a few pieces and love them. Wish I had a whole set.
    If you have more of it and want to sell it, hope you'll let me know.
    Blessings to you from Kansas,

  34. Love your upside down decorating ideas!!

  35. I have to try this! The one with the seashells you could see is just beyond belief!

  36. Great idea for a teacup and saucer.

  37. They're all lovely but I think the milk glass compote filled w/ shells is my favorite.

  38. Oh should you've forgotten those beautiful stuffs in your garage..I should go there to do my 'dig & hunt' know something...your blog is really a mind therapy to have a lot of beautiful things that really make me happy just to look at it...really eye candy..
    Have a nice day

  39. Your tea cup platter metamorphasis looks great~ well done.

    Have a blessed day!

  40. Are you kidding me??? I see another Somerset display in your future:-)

  41. I love all of these! I'll bet you had a great time shopping in your garage ~ and look at all the really great things you were able to make. I love seeing the shells through the plates...gorgeous!

  42. I think these are too, too perfect!
    I have actually thought about doing this with some cups and plates I have but after seeing what you did, I KNOW I am going to try it!

  43. Hello! I'm catching up from Monday's party. Love all the "connections" you created. I make cake stands fashioned similarly. Thanks for sharing!

  44. These are gorgeous!
    I've been wanting to make my own pedestals and you've given me even MORE ideas. Woohoo!!

    Have to say, I think the white pressed plate is my fave.

    I'm trying to go through my garage and my entire house. There are things I haven't seen in years...


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