August 6, 2009

The Pink Wall...

I knew something was afoot, when I woke up
and saw that the wall outside my window
was pink...
Now I am usually one who hits the snooze
button a time or two before she begrudgingly
throws backs the covers! But for this, I actually
hopped right out of bed!

And I kept taking pictures until it turned
into this ( I think I have mentioned before
that I am quite a camera geek! ;)

That sunrise was definitely worth
15 less minutes of sleep!

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  1. You've captured some really beautiful colours in those skies.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  2. well, i can't seem to find your email i will tell you here: my gorgeous giveaway arrived today!!! i had to restrain myself from tearing everything open...because i found it late...and per usual my camera batteries were dead...and then i lost my, i haven't opened up the little boxes...but i just adore all of the china and the sweet birdhouse...everything looked SO cute...and i just loved all of the little notes you added...thank you SO SO much!!! guess what i am doing first thing in the morning...that's right, i am digging into those little boxes and snapping pics:)

  3. Oh, how pretty! Did you have rain or anything? Nothing prettier than God playing with His paints!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. We had that pink sky yesterday morning (or was it the day before?) and it was lovely just like your pictures. It had rained (a trace) during the night and the sun was reflecting off the left-over clouds. Did you get any rain?

  5. Fantastic colours in your sky watch photos, simply beautiful.

    Your last post about tablescaping was ever so creative, totally cute.

  6. These photos seem to represent creative layerings of colour! Amazing that this is the sky!

  7. Such great captures of the pretty sky, Have a great weekend x

  8. These are gorgeous! I have never seen a purple hue sky before like that!!

  9. Super! I would have gotten up too!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. I would have missed out on sleep for that too! Those are beautiful pics! (And I am a camera geek too!)


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