August 11, 2009

Birds Of A Feather...Blog Together

I have always LOVED birdies...especially little
fat ones!
But only recently have I become completely
besotted with birdcages too! So, I couldn't
resist this tiny little charm!

Or this little bird cage!

I have never been able to find one of those
cool old birdcages that you all seem to find
everyday, by the side of the road! So, I have
to stare at this... and pretend! ;)

This little guy is my faaaaaaaaaaaav!!

I could take pictures of it all day...and I do!! ;)

But bird cages aren't just for our feathered friends...

Sometimes, little porcelain ballerinas like them
too...poor thing has no arms(hey, she was cheap!)
at least I know she is safe in there!

Even shells are at home in a bird cage!

The perfect pairing! proof! ;)

Oh, do I love these!!!! My TJ Maxx teapot
& tureen!

Just look at that sassy little tweet!

Now this one...

she's got a bit of an attitude!

Yes...I did get some birds for my b-day,
last year! ;)

The ubiquitous Target birdies...
Ron & Nancy.

They seem interested in this beach property...

It's the perfect birdie "starter" cottage...

So, they're moving in!!!

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Great idea, Gina!!!

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  1. Hi, Wow, I love your birds! Very awesome! I don't know which one of yours I love the most, I think it's between the beautiful pink one and the charm, but them I really love your TJ Max hmm...they're all great! Thanks so much for sharing them! I hope you have a great day!

  2. What a great collection of birdies you have. I LOVE the starfish in the cage...and that little pink cute!!


  3. Your tiny little cages are amazing. Just think how much less cluttered my house would look if I collected miniatures! But I would probably loose them... I love the little beach cottage Ron and Nancy are checking out. I bet even with the housing market the way it is a beach cottage in oc will cost a lot of bird seed!

  4. Good morning, M! Thank you for my daily dose of pretty and fun!
    That is a very yummy little pink bird cage! So sweet in the spoon! I voted!♥

  5. i have a little thing for birds and nests too...your little ballerina looks very cute, i wish i could see her better...she must be a little camera shy...LOL...i thought that was funny how you said your things in a cage were cat proof...i have had my kitties "borrow" a lot of my things that are on low shelves...mostly my female, Gracie, she is a stinker!!!

  6. I love your birdies and their little cages. A ballerina...right up our alley:-) Did you make that birdhouse? This is crazy...another project of yours I simply HAVE to make!:-)

  7. I love everything, the shells, the birds, and especially the little pink cage - so, so sweet!

  8. What an adorable and charming collection you have! Your little pink birdcage is so darling! I'm gaga over your tureen! I've seen the teapot before but not the tureen! I love the seashells mixed with the birdies and your seashell birdhouse is fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely collection with us today!


  9. I ♥ ♥ the shell birdhouse! Great pictures, of total cuteness!

  10. You have some beautiful birdies M! My favorite is the seashell birdhouse though.

    I did vote for you...good luck!

  11. Oh, my goodness, they are all so lovely. The little bird charm is stunning.

    Barb :-)

  12. Wow - what a pretty collection. Really like the minis! Your photograph work is so pretty. Think I need to resort to mini everything as I am running out of room here.
    Your post reminded me I forgot to photo my mini birdcage. :-)

  13. I just put my vote in for YOU!!!.
    I hope you win. Even if you don't, your blog is a winner with me.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  14. oooooH LOVE that Birdie home down by the sea shore!!! Excellent work!!!

    I was thinking I could give you a good scoop on a pair of birdies but you already have the cute couple from Target!!!

    What a nice collection! Love it!


  15. Hello! Thank you for sharing your fabulous birdie collection! Of course I love the sparkly starfish in the cage. And that little pink cage is so sweet!


  16. Those little bird cages are so cute and so is the little charm. I don't think I ever seen such small bird cages, now the other hand I have very large bird cages that are not that pretty with alive birdies!!

  17. Hello
    Love the birdies! and I am glad they are moving to the beach...the house is charming.

  18. I too love bird cages, I have planted in them and they look so lovely. When I see a bird in a cage, the first thing that comes to mind is to open the door and let it fly free :-)

  19. Oh my! You've got bird friends on doilies and bird pretties everywhere you look! I just love coming to see you!

  20. Girl, I've gotta tell you, you are amazing! I visit every day and every single day I sit here with my mouth hanging open at all the beautiful things you do. I never saw anyone who could take a few common, everyday objects...glitter, shells, ribbon, a few pieces of china, maybe a frame or two, or whatever...and make it so darn jaw-dropping gorgeous! Whatever you touch always looks like a million bucks! :)

  21. Oh I wish I had known about the feathered friends day... I LOVE birds, yours are beautiful! Thanks for sharing... sweet little ballerina too...

  22. You are soooo cool with your tiny birdy cages. What a darling idea. You've inspired me today.

  23. I LOVE birds,nests,cages, anything bird related, so naturally I love your post about all your birdie things.

  24. Nice bird and white combo post.
    Love the shells in the bird cage.

    Barbara jean

  25. Great birdies! I have the teapot and saw the tureen, but it was chipped...would love to find it again. I have two little cages like yours, but in yellow...from Michael's. I forgot to take pictures of them...well, next week. Don't you just love T.J. Maxx? They are fabulous!


  26. Well Done You! Two for one! Your birds and your whites are lovely! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Lisa

  27. How cute they all are.. I just love all your sweet little bird cadges,and birds.. I love the tiny Pink one too. You have a wonderful way to display them...


  28. I love birdcages too. That little pink one is my favourite.

  29. Guess glitters don't stop at starfish. Even birds get them :-) The mini birdcages are adorable! The pink one could be used as a pendant! - if there's a very tiny bird that can be placed. Oh, and starfish on bird cages? Nice!


  30. Aww, you have such sweet birdies, love the pink cage, too cute :)

  31. Such a cute post. I love your tiny vignettes and your sense of humor! The "cheap" armless princess, bird with an attitude, "starter" beach cottage. . . .so funny!

  32. Love the little cages M! They are really cute.

  33. I love the little seashell bird house! It's so cute!


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