July 6, 2009

Tassel Fever...Catch It!

After I made my first demi-tassel , I kind of got
tassel fever (a bit like Saturday Night Fever...just
without the white polyester!) So, I have been
creating...making little pretties from
the my collection of demis that have
seen better days.

This little "Summertime" chintz creamer has
a chip on one side, but I loved that shape, so I
could never bring myself to throw it away.

Now she has a new life, prettily be-ribboned!

More chintz...how shocking!
This little one fell out of my bedroom
window during an earthquake (I know!
What was I thinking?!)

She got a little boo boo and was having
self esteem problems, so I gussied her
up too!!

You just can't let a cute little cup like
this go to waste!

Now this one came with another little tin
cup I bought, that said "baby" (in honor
of my niece's upcoming blessed event).
And I was inspired to go waaaay out on a

It just didn't seem like foofy trims would work
well with a tin cup...

I knew what I wanted, so I hopped on Etsy
and found this cool hand-stamped seam binding.

And these stamped ribbons too!

I see now that I never really took a good
full-view shot...I think I got distracted
when I was saving it from the jaws & claws
of doom!

Yes! He is a horribly naughty cat!
But he's so soft and purrs like a
Howitzer, so how can I tell him "no"??!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love what you did!! Your so creative. I'll be stopping by much more often. Love your creations!!

  2. I see that I'm not the only one with a destructive cat :)

    The tassels are beautiful! My favorite is the tin cup.

  3. LOVE...LOVE your tassels....I tried it once and mine looked like a ball of ???yarn/ribbon :( that isn't a craft that works for me...Your's are AWESOME!!! I love that you used pieces that weren't perfect and you amaze me with all your crafty-ness!!! Wish I could get some of your creativeness thru the blog...
    LOVE THEM!!!
    Deb :)

  4. Your tassels are great! Love them all!

  5. Such gorgeous tassels. They are all just beautiful. I havn't tried to make one yet, but I am so tempted. Love them. Hugs, Marty

  6. LOVE your tassels and the hand-stamped seam binding is fabulous! Love your sense of humor, it's always such a joy to visit your lovely blog!!


  7. I love your tassels and I love the fact that you used those chipped cups. Now they have a new life! I'm the same way, I can't seem to throw things like this away. I try to either 'fix' them or use them in some way that covers their flaws.

  8. Oh...those tassels are absolutely adorable! LOVE, love, love the one with the tin cup and hand stamped ribbon and binding! And you are right...once you start, it's hard to stop.


  9. Pretty tassels. I love the chintz cup, even if it is chipped and cracked.

  10. What a great idea...and the shape on the chintz cup is FAB! Love it!

  11. Love them! Love the last one! Your kitty is sweet!

  12. I adore the stamped ribbon in cream.

  13. These tassels are so pretty. You always create such wonderfully feminine things that make me want to have a girly girl room to put it all in!!


  14. Your tassels are amazing! I love them all. What a fun kittie!

  15. awesome post from title to finish. great pics - even an action shot!

    what does one do for tassel fever?

    take 2 cabochons - LOL


  16. How Keeeute! I love what you have done...you creative woman you! I made a few tassels last year and boy was it addicting! I really like your hand stamped ribbon. You did a great job with the baby cup. I see a few more tassels in your future! Big smile!
    Blessings my friend:)

  17. Those are soooo fabulous....... I see another magazine in your future.....

  18. Oh, that kitty!!!! :) And such beautiful tassles~ does she ever leave tiny bite-marks? Mine do... *teehee*

    Christina :)

  19. WOW!!!! These are so awesome and so creative. Thanks for sharing.


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