July 9, 2009

Swirling, Twirling Loops of Lovliness...

Was my post title a tad overly dramatic?
Sorry about that, I cannot help but
rhapsodize over ribbons!
To me, this tangle of treats is beautilicious!

Doesn't have to be fancy...Walmart pink polka dots...

...green gross grain polka dots...


This is one of my all time favs!!!! From the $1
bins @ Michael's...I think I bought every roll
they had!!!

These ones too...I like this Frenchy-themey-thing
going on here!

This was a bit "spendy"...but, HELLO!
it's pink and hand stamped!

Such a pitty I couldn't do justice to this blue...
heaven...paradise...think along those lines...
$2 clearance aisle!

Velvety ribbon? Be still my foolish heart!
Seriously, I get all twitterpated in it's

And frothily colored seam bindings...
take me, I'm yours!

Sometimes I know just what I want it for,
sometimes I just want it! I know the inspiration
will come later. But even if it just stays on it's
spool for months...I still enjoy just looking
at it!

Hurry over to Julia's for more
Today, on my morning radio station, KFI,
Bill Handel did a report on "MOMMY BLOGGERS"
that I think many of you will find interesting.
He shared a lot of good information and tips and
who I have never heard of, but she gets more than 500
comments per post (do the math!), She earns
so much from her blog that neither she nor her
husband have to work outside the home! YIKES!!!
If you'd like to hear the segment, I cannot get
you to the exact pod cast, but here is the pod cast page for
MOMMY BLOGGERS . You can't miss it under
Bill Handel's name. Maybe you'll gleen a tip or too! :)


  1. I'm in awe - you can make piles of ribbon into art!

    Beautiful ;)

  2. Those ribbons are gorgeous!

    I've never heard of that blog either. How awesome that they don't have to work outside jobs!

  3. It doesn't matter if you don't have a purpose for the ribbon when you buy it.

  4. Yummy! Love the Frenchy-themey-thing and the Amour ribbon...delicious!

    Heather earns so much from her blog that neither she nor her
    husband have to work outside the home...I gotta run now and check that out!!


  5. Love love the taupe with black and all of the lovely variety of dots. I will be looking at ribbons with a different eye now & thinking of you!!
    I was that blogger on OPRAH and she was awesome, documented her trials and Tribs after having a child and the popularity of her blog was a pleasant surprise to her.
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  6. I recognize some of that ribbon!! But I have to say the pink ribbon from Michael's is the cat's meow!! it does all look pretty together...as if looking at all of it will inspire.

    Heather sounds like she has quite a business! She may have hire a staff to read her comments at this rate!! I mean that kindly...


  7. I'm loving all your ribbon. I too heard the Mommy Blogger bit on Bill Handel this morning. But I missed part of it, so I will listen to the podcast to see what I missed.

  8. Love all your ribbon. Especially the hand stamped. I'm going to give this one a try myself. I have stamps. I have ribbon.. do I need anything else. Love your pics.

  9. Eeek! I must get me some pink velvety ribbon! ♥

  10. those are gorgeous ribbons!

    Rose XXX

  11. Pretty ribbons!!

    Thanks for stopping by my bog to say hello!

    :) Amy

  12. Hurray! I'm not the only ribbon addict in the world! Every time I go to Big Lots, I come home with more. I would like to display them as you have, but I'm afraid someone would just set something on top of them!

  13. Lovely ribbons!

  14. Is that Orange County, Ca? We might be neighbors!...we are in San Clemente. Anyway, great blog and beautiful ribbons!

  15. Love the dots....they go with everything:)
    And I would want that PINK hand stamped ribbon!!!
    I think I must check out that tip!!! My husband would be ecstatic!!!!

    A funny thing~ at the end of your post you have a spot with three photos and three other posts we may be interested in... I read the one about painting as~ "when in pain paint it pink!" well ???? what does that say bout me today???hahaha
    *I noticed your add at the top right side bar :)


  16. OHHHHH I love your blog.... and the ribbons... I am a fan too ...so dramatic you are not...

    Thank you for stopping by .... I do hope you visit again


  17. They are all so beautiful! I love the french themed one and you know that I love all of the pink ones! I display my ribbns and lace in apothocary jars and they look so pretty!

    I will have to go and check out her blog. Thanks!

  18. I love your ribbons, I hate to use my favorite ones, I just wind them onto cards, and look at them. My kids say it's a waste. Can you imagine getting paid to blog?? That would rock. Have a lovely day. xxoo Valarie

  19. I love the yellow and black one!

    i just got done organizing my ribbons and i thought i need some cool ones these are all boring!

  20. Oh, I love ribbon also! Lots of it. In every shape and size and color! Ribbon eye candy!

  21. OOHH! AAAHHH! I don't have to do this one because you are hooked on the same things I am. I'll just send everyone to you! hehehe
    Hugs, Lisa
    I have a snippets box that I thought oh I'll never fill it well I need a new snippets box!!

  22. The ribbons are lovely. I tend to save bits of ribbon off packages and hang tags. Eventually they find a permanant place in altered art or scrapbook page.

  23. i understand the rhapsodizing! ribbon is beautiful and does make the most wonderful, tangled, "mess."

    i can't imagine earning all that revenue from a blog.


  24. A woman after my own heart. I love ribbons. And thanks for the Mommy tips!

  25. Love those gorgeous ribbons.

    Beautiful shades and textures.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hi from N Ireland.

  26. I love polka dots too. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is quite lovely.


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