July 30, 2009

My Sister's China Hutch...

The picture above might look a little
familiar to you Tea Things Tuesdays
Girls...so I thought I'd revisit a post
that shows...up close & personal...
all the goodies on those shelves!

Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust look at that!
It's kinda magical, huh?
And just like your neighbor's medicine
cabinet...don't you just want to snoop
a little and get a closer look?

Well, that's why I'm here!

To open up those doors...

...and give you an "up-close & personal"
nosey little bird's eye view of all Kae's
fabulous china!

Every pattern.

Every color.

Every shape!

She has it!

Eat your heart out, Replacements Ltd!! ;)

And I just love the whole jumbled look of the way
it's displayed!

Gorgeous! And every time Kae hosts a tea, we all
get to peruse her treasure trove and pick whichever
teacup we'd like to daintily sip from that day!
Hmmmmm...decisions, decisions!

And be sure to stop over at Kim's for more



  1. Oooh thank you, thank you!!! I simply *swoon* over teacups. Hers are lovely. The patterns and colors, oh my! Hmmm, maybe she would like to give you to you for a giveaway (lol) of course I'd be the first to sign up for the prize. Jane T.

  2. Oh my goodness... it's like a beautiful candyland!

  3. What a treat...thanks for sharing. I love all the pretty colors..so much to look at. I did see a pretty pink teapot that caught my eye and some pink teacups as well.stou

  4. isn't that just stunning!!! i love how she has everything displayed...she is really showing everything off to perfection!!! thanks for sharing:)

  5. How stunning! She surely has some beautiful things and they look spectacular all put together like that. I do hope that she doesn't live in earthquake country, LOL! Thanks for showing us a peek!

  6. What a wonderful collection of treasures.

    thanks for the 'tour'.
    Barbara Jean

  7. Ooooooooo, love all that pink ! You sisters collection is marvolous ! I need more pictures, LOL !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. I can just stare and stare for quite awhile - get the prettiness to sin in LOL. Lucky you to get to choose your very own teacup. It must be a difficult think to choose just one! :-)The mismatch of cups and saucers makes it even more interesting.


  9. WOW...thanks for all of that eye candy!! What a lucky girl to have such a treasure trove of fabulous tea pots, trays and other goodies!! I feel like a cuppa!!

  10. I am visiting via Hooked on Houses. It is such fun to see your treasures.

    Please drop by and enter my giveaway.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  11. Wow!! That's the prettiest china all in one cupboard I have ever seen.


  12. A beautiful "jumble" I agree! Just like a climbing rose over a nice picket fence!

    What fun to visit with her and have tea!


  13. I think that's the biggest collection of china I've ever seen!! Wow!! Your sister could have a hundred people over for a tea party and not use every cup!! ;-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  14. How yummy! Just beautiful - I like it all jumbled up!


  15. Okay, I need to come over and just stare at the contents of that hutch! fabulous!

  16. Love your magical cabiiet--out of Alice in Wonderland..ready for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party! Gorgeous porcelain!

  17. Ooooh I am drooling all over my key board,,,, really.. lol oh how I would love to just stand there and gaze upon all those lovely tea cups and tea pot and just every itty bitty thing in there.... thank you so much for sharing them with us... boy wish I could show up for a tea and pick out a cup to sip from...

    have a great weekend.


  18. holy guacamole, that is quite a china hutch. and i agree - i love the jumbled display and that everything isn't just-so, it keeps it from being fussy and makes it look user-friendly. i love the cannisters and things that are yellow and pink. thanks for the sneak peek!


  19. oh my goodnesssssss....this is absolutely wonderful and stunning...thank you for sharing it here


  20. I love how she put that car of pastel candy in there! Nice and unexpected touch!

    I haven't been by much because hubby's been off work with an injury and I have to share the computer! ♥

  21. Oh - what SWEETNESS! I love how she tippy-topped the cups and saucers! It's all so pretty!

  22. Ohhh, girl your sister's china cabinet is gorgeous....do you think she'd let us go shopping up in there!? LOL! Such pretties...I love them all! I love the sweet blue floral chintz tin with the sweet little birdie on top, that you found recently too....I've so enjoyed browsing around your blog today...I hope you have a great day!
    Big Hugs,

  23. Oh so dreamy with all the PINK! Now I want mine to look just like it!

  24. Loving all those beautiful teacups! What an array of colors and shapes...what fun to have a tea party, and get to pick out your own! What delicious eye candy!

    Happy Tea Tuesday!

  25. What a lovely display, you sister must sit and look at her cabinet all the time and it must make her very happy it would me. I will pop over again. Jill

  26. It is beautiful isn't it. I couldn't get mr linky to work on my blog.


  27. Oh my such eye candy! Beautiful! Now I have to paint my china hutch white for sure!


  28. Oh my...I want that cupboard and everything in it :0)
    Happy TTT to you...

  29. Oh my goodness I was trying to look close at your home photo and then voila you showed us. Thank you so much, there are some wonderful treasures even a tea pot to match my tea night light. Wow I am on my way for a cup of tea. :)

  30. sigh......... just makes you want to pop over for tea :-)


  31. Hello,
    I love the way your sister has her china pieces displayed! I like the jumbly look very much and every single piece of china is gorgeous. Happy Tea Things Tuesday to you! Vicki

  32. OMGosh... What a fabulous, pink and pretty collection of mismatched china. It almost looks like a postcard. Your sister is so lucky. If she ever tires of her collection of china, you can always tell here I'd be happy to have it...LOL

  33. Oh so many pretty things! I could just look allll day...and then start over looking again!

  34. The teacups and saucers are absolutely delicious!! I love Winton chintz--made in England, many of the patterns are so hard to find, but I still love them! What a delight; thanks for sharing.

  35. I'd love for you to check out my blog some time....I'm just getting started, but I love love love chintz and this has been such a treat to look at!

  36. What an amazing collection of beautiful tea wares. Thanks for showing the gorgeous contents of that china hutch.

  37. Just gorgeous. Thanks so much for getting us up close and personal. What a magnificant cabinet in which to display it all.

    - The Tablescaper

  38. Going inside that china cabinet was "the best day ever" (just in case you are not His fan thats, Sponge Bob)

  39. everything on your blog looks SO darn pretty! I love it!

  40. drop dead gorgeous! who needs shoes or clothes or food when you can have something as fabulous as this cabinet! the tiny books added make me want to just scoop it all up. thank you sooo much for sharing this.

  41. Oh Wow, this has stopped me in my tracks. What beautiful china. Envy xx

  42. Will be one of your newest followers, anyone that that has that much pink china is worth following! Laura Cottage ad Broome

  43. Wow! I have never seen so many pretty things in one place before! love, love, love your blog! Thank you for sharing , now my head is full of ideas, like painting an old cupboard I have from the 30's white and filling it with pretty tea things! I clicked on to see if you were from Ocean City, NJ (oc cottage) which is not far from me, and near Cape May too, another beautiful place for lovers of antiques and Victorian homes. Also loved your previous Christmas posts! Blessings!


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