July 1, 2009

Just To Summerize...

Just a mish-mash of some of Kae's summer decorations...
(which she hasn't really been enjoying since
she has been in Hawaii for the last two week!)

This gigantor apothecary jar is from Boscov's...
a store we had never heard of until Bee found
doing a google search...the jar is about 2 feet tall
and was only $9.99!!!!! All 3 of us got one!! ;)
It's sooooo roomy you can really fill it with fun...
small pets...or even a Yugo!

Kae is the queen of the cake stand! She stacks them high
and adorns them with different seasonal treats as her

Obviously, she is feeling the summer vibe!

YUM! This stack of treats was on the table too!
(I think it's pretty just stacked up like that...
and since I can't sew my way out of a paper bag...
that's just how it would stay!)
Not sure what she has in mind for all this fab-
fabric, but I'll let you know as soon as I do!

Sand castles...a "must" for summer!

As is the shell swag...I know it has made several
post appearances...

but I just never get tired of it!

Yes, yes, another starfish, but this one is a testament
to my, uh...um...I don't know what! I picked sequins
from a vintage sweater and glued them on...one by one.
Needless to say, I have never felt the need to make
another! ;) It looks pretty cool in person though.

This picture is "just because"...to show you that Kae
not only has a pink ironing board cover...but a pink
iron too boot! I may have mentioned before that we
like pink? ;)


  1. Love the hanging shells, just beautiful.

  2. Everything looks wonderful.

    Where did you get the sea shell swag? If you made it yourself where did you get those shells?

    I would love to be able to have two in my sea room.


  3. Still with the Yugo jokes! My Mother had one and sometimes I drove it while I was in college. I remember stopping for gas once and getting asked by the guy next to me, "Where'd you get that car...ToysRus?" Ha ha ha.

  4. Lovely items and I do love her designs of the beach feel.

  5. Awesome! Love love it all and gives me great ideas! I also had to chuckle because we come from the land of BOSCOV's! (Is that like oz? LOL)

    It's a local dept store chain in NJ and PA.

    Have a great 4th!

  6. Wow! I love everything! The sea shell swag looks very pretty! I love the ironing board and the iron! Pink! I gotta have them!

  7. You amaze me with your sea shell creations ... awesome. TTFN ~Marydon

  8. Everything is just beautiful! I love that fabric, too! I would like to know where she purchased it? We don't have anything like that here ~ unless I buy online!

  9. You are truly amazing!! Shells are such an extention of you....That awesome jar is ridic...
    I have a purple iron with a pink cover....so much fun!!
    I love the fabrics and they are so much fun just the way they are!!
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  10. I love the sea shell swag too! Its so pretty! and what a find on the apothecary jars they usually are very expensive.
    Enjoy your 4th of July weekend,

  11. These are so pretty. I love the shell swag. I have a ton of shells and some twine, so I think I'm going to try making one.


  12. so beautiful, i love all her beachy things and oh the glass holder would be so fun to change around. I love to visit and see all these pretties.

  13. Love everything! So summery or pink and wonderful!

    All the best,

  14. Oh, what prettiness! Love that stack of fabric and I think I need it! LOL
    Everything looks wonderful, just like always!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Super great! Pink iron and ironing board!!! The jar is so great!! I'll have to search for them!!

  16. Very pretty fabrics and adore those sand castles too. I've always loved the seashell swag, just wish it was mine. :) Thanks for sharing such pretty things with us. xxoo

  17. Such a lovely post. Inspiration everywhere I look... starfish & shells are always in style, aren't they?


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