July 8, 2009

A Crush On You!!!

OK, I know this is dopey, but it just
cracked me up (yes, I am easily amused!)
so I just wanted to share it....

Now I LOVE the United States Postal
Service!!! Priority Mail is amazing!
(sometimes I wonder how FedEx stays
in business!) When I see that a pkg. from
one of the way-far-away 48 is on my porch
in 2 shakes of a lamb's tail...it blows my mind!

But the other day...I found this!
(insert overly dramatic music here!)

Inviting little box, which the super-
considerate sender simply
plastered with these stickers!!!
Apparently they served a more of
a challenge than a friendly reminder!
Since this is what the other side of
the box looked like...

Not just "crushed"...


Sure, I wouldn't have found it to be
quite so funny, if the contents had
actually be damaged, but fortunately
for me, the ever-considerate sender
wrapped the item to withstand
nuclear winter!

Other than the obscene cost of a first
class stamp, how has the USPS treated
you lately?


  1. My Daughter works for the post office and could I tell you the stories she tells me.

    I don't think any of the mail deliveries are safe anymore.

    They blame the machines on the damage, so why put the sticker on the packages. They need to wait until the machines can read. HA! HA!


  2. That makes me smile - my post lady says never to put anything on it that states it is "fragile" or to "Take care" because then the posties just throw it around even more!!

  3. IMO, it depends which postal workers handle the package. Some mistakenly read "Do Not Crush" as "Please Drop-Kick". (Wasn't a line similar to that in a movie?) Others are, thankfully, super respectful.

    Knock on wood, my local folks are great.

  4. I swear that putting a Fragile or Do Not Bend sticker on your parcels is like waving a red rag to a bull, they can't wait to see what fun they can have throwing that parcel around, putting heavy things on top ot it, bending it to fit in the letterbox, when they don't usually bother with normal mail.
    We once had a box with 4 beautiful pink glass jugs so 'missing' with a postal courier company. Apparently it went to the other side of the country and all the other 4 boxes made it to us. I am thinking someone threw that one around and heard an awful lot of broken glass and quickly made up a 'missing' story.
    Glad your pretties made it intact though.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  5. I had a letter come to me in a ziplock bag ..it had been cut into 4 pieces by a machine.. well.. I was glad that they at least gave me the cut up bits! jeeez!

  6. WOW! I'm glad that the contents were not broken.

  7. I believe it! I have had some "experiences" with the postal service. "(

  8. So far so good in this new town of mine! ♥ (Now I'm thinking about all the "crushes" I've had since I was 6.) ☺

  9. Sheesh...guess you can't put "fragile" on anything anymore!

    I found your blog...can't remember how...but I love it. I've just spent the last hour going through it and I'm still not done! I'm going to add you to my favorites so I can visit all the time!


  10. Oh I got a few things in shards around christmas! It was sad as the shipping was more than the items cost, and I'm still trying to find them to replace them with out it costing a fortune!! I got a set of dishes and one plate broke and it will cost more to replace the one plate than the whole set with shipping!!!
    Glad your items were safe!
    Hugs, Lisa


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