June 22, 2009

Yah, Yah, Yah...and Brides...


They REALLY need to come up with
another name for this magazine, like,
A Bit Of Brides But Other Stuff Too !
(too wordy, you think ? ;)

But seriously...there are so many lovely things
to see in each issue that they are really missing
out by only marketing it to "brides"! I mean
LOOK AT THIS CAKE!!!!! I, personally, feel
slighted that had I not bought this subscription
for my friend(and bride-to-be) Katie, I would
never have seen this masterpiece!

Sheesh! The sight of it makes me need a
beta blocker!
Ok...I'll let the cake go now...
but there's more!

Yep! Ribbons & Bows!
And who can resist either!!!!

Not only ribbons to drool over....
(I might just sell any of you down the river
for a length of that wide pink satin stripe!)

...but also, how to create these!!

Even a touch of Twilight?

Making these sugar boxes(sans the jordan
almonds) would be cute for many other

I'd love a chandelier on the bathroom...over
the kitchen sink...but just hanging from
the trees outside? Oh yah!

Oh, don't wrinkle your nose and "pooh-
pooh" this picture! I know a lot of you
would do this!!! Tell the truth!

While this is truly an "I do" view...

this simple place setting looks like
"any day" to me! I have never met a
starfish I didn't like!

Beautiful bouquets!

A plethora of pink!

Now I am sure this is an expensive designer
dress...but this is exactly the look the my cat
creates with a roll of toilet paper...I'm just

And this picture just says, "SUMMER" to me!

All in all, quite a diverting magazine that is
missing out on the attention is deserves!


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! The cat shredded the toilet paper dress remark cracked me up! I agree about the cake, cakestand, place setting...well, all of it, really could be just a fabulous decor mag.

  2. The chandelier hanging from the trees - - - I saw a clip on TV one day about the "tailgate" party before Auburn football games - - - and people really did have chandeliers HANGING FROM THE TREES at the party.


    And that cake is too perfect to be logical

  3. I am thinking about getting divorced just so I can get married again. These images are wonderful.

  4. They totally stole that from Twilight LOL. I guess I am really lucky that my cat doesn't go after toilet paper haha. Dang I want that cake! Ugh! I want I want!!! LOL. Neat magazine :)

    All the best,

  5. I am not married but would LOVE to own the mag, lol. Just to drool over the pics mind you ;)

  6. I love this! I would never thnk to look in a a bride magazine for inspriation. You have and found it. I'm going to have to pick up this issue and have a better look.

  7. Sell me down the river, eh? Well I oughta... ☺

  8. I would love to have a room with walls as pretty as that cake! If your walls were that pretty, you wouldn't need any other accessories! I haven't looked at at a Bride Magazine in 30 years....maybe we all need to be reading these magazines.

  9. The place setting with the simple starfish was my favorite.


  10. trully wasted on brides! lol that would rival and home decor or crafting mag i think ;-)

    you're right tho, that cake is spectacular!

    Rose XXX

  11. That cake is beautiful! The cake stand is too! I love all of these pictures! The beach ones are heavenly!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing ... you brought some humor into my dreary cleaning day! love the cat dress lol .....Jo

  13. ideas are everywhere. there are lots of pretty shabby ideas even in kids catalogs like pottery barn kids and the land of nod. beautiful chandeliers and curtains. thanks for sharing!


  14. Love the pics! The blue cake is just Lovely!
    Hugs, Lisa

  15. Oh my! I just might have to lie down after viewing all that loveliness. Wow! You sure know how to get someone's attention. Thanks for sharing. Now if I could just stop drooling. :) xxoo

  16. You know I had forgotten how much I loved looking at brides magazine....just for the beauty,inspiration,gardens,food and even crafts you get from them.
    Funny post too.

  17. I'm going to have to look for this magazine. It does have some great ideas. Hey, I like the shreaded toilet paper dress. I'm with Beach Vintage, I want a divorce. Maybe just renew the vow thing would work. Great post.

  18. That cake cought my eye in the store the other day! Now I MUST go back and buy that issue! Wouldn't you love that cake for your birthday? OY. Exquisite.

    Love the simple jeweled starfish, wonderful ideas!

    Still laughing at the cat/TP comment. TOO funny!!!


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