June 17, 2009

Martha Gets Her Glitter On!

OK...I know you are sick of starfish & shells,
but that's not what this post is really about...
the mollusks are merely models.
I wanted to show you these colors!

I wanted to make Kae a few more blue touches
to add to this year's version of her BLUE ROOM
so I bought a set of Martha Stewart's glitter and
as we know, I am not a truly blue person, but
SHAZAAAAM! These make my little heart go
pitter patter!

And in direct sunlight...

...it's a whole other magical thing!

I have to say, I ADORE Martha's glitter!!!
It's so sparkly...not like German glass glitter...
it's a different yet really marvy sparkle...
and it's comes in a gazillion colors (really!
I counted!) it's easy to find and not very
expensive. It's so light & fluffy too! I don't
know why that is or how she does it, but it's
very easy to work with!
OK, I'm done gushing! (go buy some!)

Speaking of blue and people who are nuts!
Have you heard about the give away @
Look at this fabulously generous amazingness!

Karyn is giving away this ENTIRE Limoges vanity
set!!!!!!!! I know, I know...just hurry and enter
before she changes her mind!!!! And tell her I
sent you to check on her to see if she was feverish!
Good Luck!!!!!


  1. Sweet! I love glitter. That blue is so striking! Didn't know Martha had such great glitter! :) Thanks for the info about the giveaway.

    All the best,

  2. That glitter is absolutely darling! I do not ever tire of your sparkly-warkly mollusks.

    Thanks for the heads up about the giveaway! I'm headed there now!

  3. Now that is the kind of blues I could live with!

  4. Gorgeous colors!

    I heart Martha :)


  5. I love the blue glitter!! It takes the shells and starfish to a whole new level!! What sort of glue did you use??

    Thanks for the heads up on Karyn's give~away!!


  6. Hmmm... well, I think shells want to be Pink. ☺

    What an amazing give away! Here I go! ♥

  7. There is nothing like Martha's glitter !!! I agree and those shells and all are spectacular...You almost want to eat them...xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet up-north Mornings...

  8. I found you through The French Bear & you have a wonderful site!!!! I am doing Gabriella's Glitter Party & have not got my glitter on yet but, you sure do. And I read further down & saw your glittered shells on the bags & your cute bottles. LOVE IT! thanks for sharing!

  9. Gorgeous! I am loving your shell theme for summer - nothing better! Don't stop - it's inspiring!
    This is my first blog at your fabulous!!!! website!
    Thanks for your words and images!

  10. I love the blue glitter on the seashells. I wished I could do mine. Mine are too little though. I have them in a jar. Right now redoing a guestroom in the sea theme. Will post pics on blog when I get it done.


  11. You know I never get tired of reading your posts. Or the glitter....I have a new found love for starfish because of you. I even googled starfish quilt patterns...and actually found some! I thought of making some little starfish pillows...glittering them...and using them for napkin rings for Tablescape Thurs. See how you influence your readers!!!!!!

    great post by the way!

  12. i love martha's glitter set. i waited for the 50% off coupon from michaels and it's my all-time favorite craft item. i just wish there was one more shade of pink!

    beautiful pieces!


  13. You always have the knack for finding the most wonderful coloured glitters.

  14. Lovely. And "gazillion" is ten to what power?

  15. Just lovin all of your shells and glittery touches!!! Marthas sparkle like no other.


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