June 8, 2009

Magic Carpet Ride...


What have we here??!!

Such delectable treasures...

a bit of whimsy....

a veritable passel of Repasys...

pretty pink potted plants...

lovely shells...


it's just too much to take in!

Where have all these treats come from?
A new shop perhaps?
A fabulous catalog?
All stuffed in a box, shoved in an unnoticed corner
of a garage sale and marked "$1"? (oh, sorry, that's
just my little fantasy! ;)
If you guessed "none of the above"...you'd be right
on target. For all this can only be found...

stacked on Bee's kitchen counter!
But wait!
There's more!

Overturned furniture! Yes!
Furniture shoved against every wall,
so that this room, can look like this...



ready for new carpet...Oreo is sure enjoying it!
And while ordinarily, this would be a cause for
great joy...alas, this is the third installation of
"new carpet" since November!

See that line running the length of the room
(it's also in her bedroom...again!) It's a grease
mark from the loom...or so "they" say, which
darkens with foot traffic. Niiiiice! Don't you
wish you were Bee???!!! ;)

Well, as long as I'm at it...

Look at her nice new shutters!
Very beachy...cottagey....summery...

and covered in blue tape bits to mark all
the flaws and drips! What ever happened
to taking pride in your work? YIKES!

This helped a bit....

and at least she still has this to be thankful

and a nice pedicure.
See, there's always a silver lining somewhere! ;)

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  1. Oh my, adore the goodies she has. I am envious, lol.
    Love that whimsical pitcher, too cute ♥♥

  2. "All stuffed in a box, shoved in an unnoticed corner
    of a garage sale and marked "$1"? (oh, sorry, that's
    just my little fantasy! ;)"

    Hoot, hoot! can I share that fantasy! Ha! ♥

  3. Sorry you are having to deal with all that. I have a lot that needs to be done here, but after the ordeal I went thru replacing some counter tops few years ago, I tend to put things off.

  4. Haha, love the post, you're so funny!! Good luck with the new carpet!!!
    Margaret B

  5. Such a nice field trip you took us on today:) She has many, many beautiful things! Lucky girl (with a great pedicure:)

  6. That was fun..OH! I have that SAME pink pineapple from Bath and Body works!! I LOVE that scent! LOL!

    That looks like such a pain with that carpet! I should send you guys my painter! He is awesome and he DOES take pride in his work! :)

  7. we went through a similar problem with our hardwood floors when we remodeled a couple years ago ... they all had to be replaced because of a "dampness" stain.

    Don't you love removing all your furniture AGAIN?!

    But, on the upside, everything gets a good 'spring cleaning' dusting this way!

  8. Well wasn't that fun! You are so funny!! Thanks for the eye candy...do you have any of that wine left?

  9. Ouch! three times in 7 months yuck!! I do like the all shoved in a box marked $1 that would be just great!!! Sorry about the shutters too!! Well I know it will all work out and be beautiful again!

  10. Everything is beautiful! I absolutely LOVE that pink pineapple!! I totally understand about the carpet thing. Ugh.

  11. Hey girlie, I've been thinking about you and missing your blog. I made myself sit down this afternoon and just go see what everyone was up to. I love that dog, but you knew that.
    You take the best pics.

  12. This was an adorable post....so fun! Thanks for stopping by.....I am glad that you did as now I am here to enjoy your beautiful blog....I am off to read more!
    Take care, Laura

  13. Wow I love her place! So pink and sweet!

    All the best,

  14. As I was perusing her treasure trove of beautiful things, I found myself saying..."I have that...and that...and that." Now all I need is the pedicure and we could be twins...
    Sorry about her rug issues though...and cute doggie!


  15. WOW!!! So many beautiful goodies, great post.


love to hear from you! ;}