June 11, 2009

Green Day...

Not thaaaaaaaaaat Green Day!

This Green Day...

the Green Day of revelation...

when you figure out that you are such a big LIAR
that more than your pants must be in FIRE!

I've always said, "I don't like green".

Yeeeeeeeees, sireeeee Bob! No green for

Thank you, but no!

So, as I squatted over several boxes of chintz,
sorting, sorting, sorting....

Imagine my shock...and chagrin, as I unwrapped
green after green after green...

Juuuuuuuuust call me Sybil!

Because obviously, one of my multiple personalities
was buying all this stuff on Ebay (I wonder if she left
nice feedback?!)

I know...

Scary, huh??!!

It's ok...you don't have to tell anyone that you
know me!

But I suppose it's time to come out of the closet
and admit...eh, green is not so bad after all ;)

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  1. Wow! I love all your lovely green. Those tea cups and saucers are soooo pretty. I'm green with env a A beautiful collection of floral china.
    Smiles, June

  2. Your Chintz made me Wince...with envy of course! Such beautiful pieces.

    Would you mind dropping me a line and letting me know where on Ebay you are finding these treasures? I would love to expand my collection of dishes to include more Chintz patterned pieces.

    You can just drop me a line into the comments section of my current blog post at www.thevintagevignette.blogspot.comI'm especially interested in the chintz teacup and saucer with the green handle!

  3. Haha your other personality has good taste it's all very pretty! :)

    All the best,

  4. Such pretties! You have a great sense of humor to!


  5. Well at least you've come out of the closet to join the rest of us green loving cottagey types!


  6. I was a timid liker of GREEN as well.

    Then i started purchasing some green tee-shirts or jackets... and every "stinking" time i wore the green i got sooo many complements.

    So, like you ...i am a reluctant green liker. I cant say LOVER yet.


  7. Oh, your chintz is so beautiful! I like everything ~ and the green is lovely. What a great collection!

  8. WELL If you really don't like all the green.......SEND them to me, lol.
    I am a PINK lover but adore your green cups, they are SO pretty!!!!!

  9. I had a very small flat in England and green was the color that tied it together. So having lived with that for 7 years, I'm a bit 'over' green at home.
    But in my wardrobe, I'm suddenly back in the green game and would love to get more!
    Your teacups are very pretty.

  10. I love all your pretty greens!!!


  11. Hey, Sybil! Join the "Keep Them Guessing club"! I'm pushing 50 and I still don't know who I am!

    Love the chintz! ♥

  12. Glad you don't like green. hehehe Those are all lovely!

  13. OOOOOHhhhhh My! Now that you have some fabulous green under your belt..How does it feel? Ha! The Chintz is fabulous! I know what you mean about certain colors...but sometimes they just grab you and there's no turning back! You've been grabbed I think!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  14. Blushing Rose BoutiqueJune 12, 2009 at 6:12 AM

    Beautiful Chintz! They are the hottest sellers in our shop. You do have a lovely collection of c/s.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  15. What a gorgeous collection you have!

  16. Absolutely beautiful and perfect for the summer garden party

    enjoy the weekend

  17. i love green - and these are fab!
    they DO have pink on too lol

    Rose XXX

  18. Wqw! I just love your green collection. Isn't it funny how green always sneaks into those flower motifs. LOL Yet I too - a professed dis-liker of green have found it creeping into my house as well. It started with the Teal and Aqua's and before I knew it I was displaying green. And though I still will never own a green vehicle I am more comfortable with add green around the house.

  19. what a fabulous collection of "horrendous" green!

  20. I LOVE green and your new collection! So fun!

  21. I don't like to wear green but I sure do like to decorate with it. It goes with everything! (Think Mother Nature.)

    Let me know if you decide you don't really like green afterall and I'll be glad to take these off your hands. :)

  22. WOW...
    I have a very small collection of Chinz...Your's is so Beautiful and the photos are wonderful.
    Your blog is lovely and I will be back..."who knew" Green could be so pretty!!
    I can't wait to see your next post.
    Maybe you'll come visit me sometime.
    Deb :)

  23. Oh my - thank you for showing us your "hookery" - everything is so lovely! Especially that rectangle tray. Absolutely fabulous.


  24. Hey I thought I was the only one my family called Sybil.lol Wow you sure have some very beautiful tea cup and matching saucers. love them all. what beautiful greens.


  25. From one Chintz-aholic to another ~ you go girl. I think I'll take some pics of mine and post them. You've got me all fired up.

    xo Cath

  26. No difference between your other personality and you. You know pretty whether it's pink, green or blue.

    Just had to make it rhyme. :) xxoo

  27. What beautiful greens......of course, each piece is so yummy it'd would be delish in ANY color... :0


  28. my oh my.. I am drooling at your photos.. what lovely teacups you got here.. all in my fave colours! gosh.. this is much fun!

  29. Very pretty and so delicate! Perfect for a little girl party.

  30. So very lovely, your green! Love that tinsey birdie and shells too. Have a beautiful day.


  31. I am 'green' with envy at all your pretty green china cups!!;-)
    Loved this pretty post.
    So funny as I did not think I was a green person either till we sorted my fabrics to put back in the cabinets.. a huge pile of green!!
    I also painted the room a pretty light shade of sage green.. Oh my ...just goes to show we all change or really do not know ourselves at all.. ha! Ha!

  32. Beautiful teacups! Love the green :-)


  33. Hi "Sybil"! You are SO funny! I love coming here to visit! I happen to love green! My house is basically pink and green, and I'm amazed that I don't have some of these fabulous green teacups...they are just wonderful! I love those green handles...my grandgirl would love them, as well, so I'm on the hunt...love ebay...I have so many that I've purchased there. Please don't put them away! Keep them out and enjoy them...they go so well with pink, and I know you love pink...a color for every personality!!! Thanks for showing them...they are just beautiful!

    God bless,

  34. Ha, funny! Love your greens. Your teacups are beautiful. I can see you are on a path to self-discovery. Wonderful post!

  35. You are just too funny and I am so envious of your beautiful collection of green chintz teacups. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the teacup in the first picture. That one is definately my favorite as I love the soft shades of green and the pretty floral pattern on the inside of the teacup. So pretty!!


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