June 6, 2009

Day Of Days

It was 65 years ago today that thousands of uncommonly
brave men stormed to beaches at Normandy, so I
thought I would skip Pink Saturday today and pay
homage to them.
I have been sitting here for way too long trying to come
up with the right words, the appropriate words, to mark
this day. Me? At a loss for words? As unlikely as it seems
it's true. So, all I am left with is the knowledge that we
owe these men everything.

(If you have never seen BAND OF BROTHERS , the
mini-series about the Army's 506th PIR (Easy Co.),
who fought their way through France, Holland &
Germany, you really need to. I am not a war movie
buff, but this is literally the best piece of television
I have ever seen. It's an amazing story about
extraordinary men and it shouldn't be missed!)


  1. Thanks for the great reminder of the men who lost their lives during this war. They endured a lot and will never be forgotten.

  2. What a great post and a great tribute to those who fought the good fight at Normandy. Thanks for remembering and reminding us. xxoo

  3. It's hard to thank people for saving our entire way of life. Words are rarely adequate.

  4. Thank you for this! I will look into watching Band of Brothers. We really need to remember these things, more. I had relatives there, All my great uncles ( 7 total) went and all came home. My grandfathers were too young and were still here in the states. I think about how far away that seems from us and yet I knew and remember all these men. Thank you!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. a beautiful post and another moment to say thank you to those who continue to serve today. My heart goes out to each and every member and their families.


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