May 19, 2009

An "Out Doorsy" Girl, I Am Not...

I have always wanted to participate in the
illustrious Outdoor Wednesday, alas, the
most "out doors" I get is from the car to
-insert destination of choice-. I don't really
"do" the sun...ick! If you think the Cullens
are pale...I make them look like Malibu
Well, anyway...we did end up on Balboa Island
a few days ago and I shot a snap or two, so, I
thought they might make the cut!

Mr. Seagull seems a bit full of himself...
note that strut!

I don't know what these are, but I loved
that sedate little pansy sticking out of
the middle of all this vibrancy!

What are they? Love the color!

Looks like the "fauna" was up to no
good and I think their shenanigans
included making a meal out of this
starfish...poor thing! Could the
aforementioned Mr. Seagull be the

There goes the neighborhood!

We had a lot of fun scaring, uh, I mean
watching all these little crabs scurry
into their holes! (what can I say...easily

Some kind of cute little white flowers...
feel free to jump in anytime now and
help me out with actual names!

What is this tree? With those cool copper
colored branches and those little flower
thingies that look like Japanese lanterns!

Heart shaped leaves! How can you go

Now, while I am a total "flora" weenie,
I am pretty certain that those maroon
glass bulbs do not actually sprout forth
from that lemon tree! (Full marks for
decorating their plants in their favorite
team's colors though! The WHOLE island
seems to have that Trojan affliction, whilst
I am a Husker girl...)

That is a fern!!!! Ha! Got one!
I really just likde the way it looked
against the shabby pink fence!

The rare and allusive, Kae, partially obstructed
by the tree. We passed her, and her whole
family as we were leaving...we are so boring
we even end up in the same places! ;)

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  1. Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! Had to laugh at the Cullen comment.... we are twilight fans... beautiful blooms! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  2. Oh, this is an adorable post, and I thoroughly, throughly enjoyed every picture and ever word in it! So clever and fun!

    "That is a fern!!!! Ha! Got one!" LOL! Eureka!

    I have found a kindred spirit!

    Thanks for posting this. It was a great read.

    Happy OW to OC tale teller...


    Sheila :-)

  3. I don't know what the pink flowers are but I would love to grow them...probably not a flower for my region. Glad you wandered a little...

  4. What wonderful photographs. I'm especially enamored of the sea gull. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Have a wonderful day.

  5. I recognized the Martha Washington Geraniums right away... those are the flowers with the pansy sticking its head out of... I'm not sure about the rest of the flora. But Martha Washington geraniums are gorgeous and those are really nice photos of them!

    Happy OW
    ~Really RAiney~

  6. Isn't it funny! I'm not very outdoorsy either! I wish that I were but I would really much rather be snuggled on the couch reading a book or just puttering around the house! I have to literally force myself to go enjoy gorgeous weather:)

    Your pictures are gorgeous!!!!!!!

  7. fab photos :-)

    i think i would have enjoyed watching the crabs too!

    Rose XXX

  8. A gal after my own heart! I don't do heat and sun very well myself! In the hot summertime, I just stay inside with the air conditioning! But I loved your pictures and you captured some lovely flowers. I don't have a clue as to what they are, but I do have a lemon tree! Mine are just little bitty green orbs right now!
    Be a sunless sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Hi, love your pictures. I am not an overly outdoor person myself but I do love to garden. So glad you joined us.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  10. Well for someone who does not like the outdoors, you sure took great photos. I love Balboa's such a treat whenever I visit up there from San Diego!

  11. OOOH FLower eye-candy!!

    LOL at the Cullen comment!

  12. Thanks for dropping by :)

    I love to see your beautiful photographs.

    We have been in the 4 seasons country and we do miss those lovely flowers and the seagulls too :(

    * I'll be one of your followers ;)

    - THANKS -

  13. What a fun tour! Great Pics!

  14. Beautiful! I used to go to Balboa all the time when we lived in Newport. I love all the photos you took! Hey did you feel the other earthquake LA had yesterday afternoon? I was in San Diego and we didn't feel it down here but it was a 4.0, just wondering. :) Have a nice day.

    All the best,

  15. You remind me of my husband! He is a doctor. And his idea of the great outdoors is the in between space he must walk from his car into the hospital where he works! For me, it is my garden!

  16. Glad you got outside to take those great pics!

  17. gorgeous pics!

    I'm not sure - but I think your tiny Japanese lanterns will grow up into cherries. :)

  18. Hi
    Great photos ,
    love the shadows :)
    Have a fantastic week.

  19. LOL, I'm the same way!

    Lovely photos!

  20. Marvellous photos - you saw so many photo-opportunities on the beach - Great!
    Best wishes

  21. Lovely pictures especially the purple flowers. This was a great post. Sorry I haven't been able to leave a comment lately. Everytime I came to your blog, my system shut me down for some reason. Bummer. Now I'm caught up and am thoroughly enjoying everything again. xxoo


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