May 5, 2009

HOW CUTE AM I ???????!!!


That is just what these little tins exclaimed to
me as I innocently made my way down the
aisle of the 99 Cent Store!

"Very cute, indeed!", I answered, helplessly.

Yes, I am a tad obsessed with this store, but
it's just so fun! It's like the Island Of Misfit Toys!
You get to see things that really didn't
"play well in Peoria!"(for international readers,
that expression is the verbal equivalent of a movie
going straight to DVD and never actually making it
to the theatres! Keep that little gem in your back pocket
for your next appearance on Jeopardy!)

SORRY! I am "digressing" now, I promise!

Apparently, these darling, heart-shaped tins
were intended for individual brownies, and I don't
make brownies (not because I can't, but because
I will eat, I don't!). I just knew they
could fulfill their destinies as something other than
receptacles for fattening treats!

I got to work.....

I found that...if you add a few cute
shells..voila! A nice little treat for
a friend!


...and bobs....

holders, extraordinaire!

and real-live functional craft

And @ 99 cents for 24, you can just go WILD!


  1. I see you got caught up on some sleep(hehe)... What a cute idea..Love the heart tins..They really do make cute holders..Love all your glittered shells...

  2. they are indeed cute!! I'm sure they are glad that you're using them to hold your pretties rather than getting all hot and bothered in the oven..hehe

  3. What a sweet deal! They make cute little 'bits and bobs' holders.

  4. How nice I love the 99 cent store! Hearts are so sweet.

    All the best,

  5. oooh they ARE so cute, wish we had one of those stores here. Think they are called the $2 shop here in australia though so a bit more expensive ;0) (i kid you not!!)

  6. I love your blog!!! Your photos are works of art by themselves. You are also very creative. That is why I like to visit. The tins are cute but what you put in them is even cuter, is that how it's spelled? It doesn't look right, any how.. Have a great day!

  7. Cute idea! Your pictures are gorgeous. :)

  8. you can do more with a disposable tart tin and a spoon of glitter than anyone I know!

    lovely photos!

  9. WOW!! And to think I have passed these by on my dollar store cruise. They look so darned awesome, way better than being filled with brownies..

  10. Oh! That last picture did me in totally. How pretty! You know I'm all about the sparkles when it comes to your pictures. *sigh* How do you come up with these ideas? I would have just seen the brownie trays and said, 'Eh, brownie trays ... I don't need 'em.' But you, you see something out of the ordinary and you go with it. Bravo! xxoo

  11. Hello M
    Lovely heart-shaped tins !
    How can you find such beautiful things :)

    Have a nice day


  12. those are cute!!! I may have to find some of those!!!

  13. They are so cute! I wonder why they didn't play well in Peoria? No accounting for taste (:

  14. You have an amazing blog! I love what you did with the tins! How creative!

  15. You do the coolest things!

    Hugs, Lisa

  16. Those tins are absolutely darling! I love the 99 cent store, too! I have to stay out of there. I NEVER save money walking into that place, LOL!


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