May 26, 2009

A Glittery Welcome...

Very soon...

Kae will get the blues... happens every year, like clockwork!

...she transforms the White Room with beachy
blues for the summer.

So, when I saw this at JoAnn's...I knew what
I had to do...well, buy it, of course!
And although it was already glitterific, it was
still a tad boring...
I set to work!

I kept the ribbon, I like the contrasting colors...
and can you ever really go wrong with organza??!!

...some shells...

...some starfish...

an there you have it...a bit of beachy delight.

Not a "statement" piece, just a little chotchkie
to add a bit of fun and sparkle to a dreary knob
or handle!

Go make your day sparkle too!!!


  1. oh what gorgeous glittery goodness you have created, it looks so welcoming :D

    Have a super sweet day, super sweet, m ^..^

  2. That is gorgeous and with the rain we have been having EVERY DAY, we all need something shining. Something glittery might just be the fix!

  3. it would be hard not to take a 'welcome' seriously with such shimmering proof of the owner's hospitality!

    how pretty!

  4. Oh Just the best!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. I love your hutch! And thats a cute glittery welcome sign:)

  6. Great improvement on the welcome sign :) I can't wait to see more blues to come :)

    All the best,

  7. That is very sweet! Love the shells on it! :)


love to hear from you! ;}