April 29, 2009

Swine Flu, My Eye...This Is Important!

It's clearly a sphere...

made of daisies, my dear...

oh, you've nothing to fear...

opinions needed here!

Ok, I am done channeling Dr. Seuss,
but I really do want your 2 cents.

I bought these daisy spheres ( I am using
the technical term because when I typed the
other, more common word for round objects,
weeeeeell, it just seemed too indelicate an
utterance for an Austen reader, so I opted
for "sphere"...it rhymed better too!)

I bought them at the 99 Cent Store...

And I will state, flat out, that whenever
I see daisies, I think of "You've Got Mail"!
(You know, when Meg Ryan still had her
real lips!) I don't adore the movie, but I
do adore her apartment and her shop!

So, when I showed my not-to-be-named
sister, I got the look...you know...eyes half-
squinted, brows quizzical, head tipped to one
side as the mouth says, "Eh, they're ok..."
while the face says, "OH GOD, PLEASE

Haaaaaaarrrrrmph! I like them!

But am I just a freak spurred on by a lackluster
movie pseudo-sequel?
Are they terminally & tragically tacky?

Or, deep down, next to one of those misplaced
paint splotches (the one right next to the sticker
that reads "Made In Outer Mongolia") do they have
have any sort of redeeming decorative value?
What say you?


  1. LOL. I like them. I think they are great for Spring and they are pink!!!

    All the best,

  2. Sister-who-must-not-named is WAAAAAY off base those are adorable...... the daisies are enough but then to have a pink back ground..... well I think you have found a "made in Outer Mongolia heaven...... too cute.
    Thank you so much for you VERY sweet words about my exciting new....

  3. If they are in YOUR home...YOU are the only one who needs to like them. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
    But, I think they're cute, very springy!

  4. i think they're so sweet, they make me smile..they are happy daisy ba...oops spheres...hehe

  5. Um, cute - but I'm not sure about the yellowiness of the yellow if that makes sense. but then for 99cents who cares right! It's your opinion that should matter.

  6. You know I like your daisy bal....spheres, I think they are sweet and really have a little touch of spring....I don't hink they are tacky at all and made in Mongolia is way more exotic than made in China don't you think?
    Kiss Noises Linda

  7. How cute...love your post!!! And...I love your pretty pink daisy spheres!!! That beautiful white basket really is just perfect to display your pretty spheres in!!! I love them...a big ol' hearty thumbs up, my friend!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  8. What?! ar eyou kidding? I love them! I've seen real flower "spheres" and I think they are so cute! and these will last much longer. ☺

  9. These are just wonderful. I love them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you love them, it works.
    You really got them at the dollar store? I'll have to be on the look out. The colors are spring perfect!
    Have a great day.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. Well, at risk of being brutally honest, the jury is still out on the daisy spheres. However, I am loving the basket they are in! Just my amateur opinion.

  11. I like them (very Springy) and I like the basket also. What you think is what's important, as they are in your home. :)

  12. okay, i think they are very springy! and if you get tired of them well, maybe the kids can use them as plastic baseballs, or?????
    only a dollar each, anyway.......

  13. oh you are just too funny....i happen to think your daisey balls/spheres are pretty and i think you should just enjoy them and its about what makes you happy.

  14. I really like them, they are a pretty shade of pink, and they would be great for Spring decorating.
    Cheers Linda


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