April 16, 2009

Just What The Easter Bunny Ordered...

Eggy-goo casserole!
He orders it every year, very traditional
that bunny is!

There must be a bacon casserole....

And a sausage...hot & spicy sausage!

Sticky buns!

A lovely tray of fruit to stave off the
hardening arteries...for the moment!

He also insists upon festive decorations!

..and a mimosa, made with only THE
finest champagne! But only one or else
he ends up with a lamp shade on his
head singing "In Your Easter Bonnet"!
Oh the stories we could tell!

Hurry over to visit our fair hostess, Gollum,
for more FOODIE FRIDAY fun!


  1. You must share the bacon casserole recipe, it looks so yummy!

  2. Oh everything looks so awesome and festive!

    All the best,

  3. Yes those Mimosa's can sneak up on you so I try to just have one especially if I am the hostess or else my dishes would never go into the oven on time:) Pretty table and your bacon casserole looks delicious.

  4. Oh the table looks so pretty and the food fabulous! I bet everyone enjoyed it all! Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Great casseroles. I've not made one with bacon. The table is pretty as well -- love the sugar eggs.

  6. You have all my favorites~
    Pour a glass for me, I'll bring my lamp shade.
    Cheers, Candy

  7. This was so adorable! I am a tad curious about seeing that lampshade wearing Bunnie. That could prove to be very entertaining!
    Next time I come by maybe you'll share the recipe.
    Come by, your visit would be nice.

    I'll be featuring ideas for mothers day. Starting next week.

    Sweet wishes,


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