April 13, 2009

Just About To Bust My Buttons!!

If I sound a little giddy...
it's only because I AM!

So, I told you a couple of months
ago, that SOMERSET LIFE was
going to use one of my creations
in their next issue...what a long
wait it's has been!

For months I have been looking at
this in my bedroom...so naked and
switch plateless!
But it was worth it to see this in
Somerset Life!!!

I never really thought, as I was gluing
ten million little buttons to a switch
plate, that it would end up in a magazine!
And as if that wasn't fun enough!!!!!
I had absolutely no idea that they were
using another one of my ideas until I
was holding the magazine in my hot
little hands!

My pink teapot! Now that was a surprise!
I know so many of you have been in so
many magazines that this kind of thing
is sort of old hat for you...but little 'ol
me???? HOLY COW! It's amazing!

I truly promise that if it should ever
happen again, I will not be such a
doofus! I just had to get this out of
my system!
Ok, I am done...I will go pour cold
water on myself! Wait, just one more,


  1. Congratulations! I haven't been able to find the latest Somerset magazine around here yet. I'm still looking and when I find one, I'll say a little hooray for you.

    Great ideas! I should try to make my own button switchplate too. Thanks for the ideas!


  2. Congratulations, very cool, you should be thrilled.
    Hugs, Diane

  3. woooooooooohoooooooooooo indeed!!

    Oh my golly gosh you're famous!!! May I have your autograph?! How fab you must feel, oh golly I would be tickle pink if I was ever in a magazine...oh wow I'm soooo excited for you...you are one talented and inspiring lady.
    You go girl!!!

  4. Anything Pink...especially a teapot!

  5. Oh, dork away! It's totally cool! It would be a little wierd if you WEREN'T excited about it, really!

  6. Oh my...CONGRATS! That is sooo great to be published! That is one of my dreams too ;-) I LOVE all of the Somerset publications...just picked one up today but didn't see 'Life.' Now I must go check it out, tee hee...what a cute teapot and great idea for the switchplate. And no, you aren't a doofus. I know if (& when ;-) I ever get published, I'll be over the moon excited too.

    Jamie :-)

  7. Congrats! You deserve it, your switchplate is so dainty and sweet :)

    Wow that is great, congrats! I won't be able to see the mag because it is not for sale here but looking at your pictures, WOOHOOOOOO

    Hugs from Marian

  9. Congratulations to you! You are not being a dork, I am very happy for you : )

  10. Congratulations!! I'd be excited too!
    Love your blog banner.

  11. oh! I'm sending you so many congrats and like you I'd be busting if it was me!! it might be old hand for some but not for others

    oh and I lurve the switchplate


  12. Dork away, darlin'! It makes life fun! Congratulations! Wish I could find that magazine around here... ♥

  13. That's wonderful! What a great idea! Deserves to be in a magazine! Many blessings, Marsha

  14. Not a dork in any way or form, I would be over the moon too! Congrats on being a published woman!!!! Hope my day will come one day too :0)

  15. Yes, it is beautiful, I have had my issues for a couple of weeks, and I am toting it around like my best friend!!! I love everything in this issue, I have already made a few things, inspired by what I've seen in the magazine, and all my Easter gifts got wrapped extra special this year!!! Congratulations!
    Margaret B

  16. How exciting for you! You have every reason to be proud. Can't wait to see it!

  17. Now that is just the coolest thing in the whole world. I would be yep-skipping all over the place too. Congratulations. The ideas they show are really great and what a wonderful compliment to your talents. I am thrilled for you. Hugs, Marty

  18. Congrats to you! That is such a neat thing! Your tea pot looks adorable in the magazine :)

    All the best,

  19. Oh puleeze!!!!! You deserve to soar!!!!! I'd be thrilled if it were me and I'd be all over the place about it!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! Now I have to go get my own issue so I can see it with my own little eyes in my own little hands! Congratulations!! And what a surprise with the teapot!! Way cool!

  20. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! YOU GO GIRL.....

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. And.... trust me, it NEVER becomes "Old Hat".

    I am so proud of you and I adore that beautiful switch plate. What a wonderful idea.

    Isn't it awesome seeing yourself in print?

    Huge Congratulations my friend.

    xo Cathy

  21. CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome. Both of your creations are beautiful and magazine worthy. I've never been published, well once in a scrap mag 'cause I won a contest with a digital layout, but I would be just as giddy as you are. ♥

  22. Dorks have more fun!!! Wahoo on girl...you deserve it! I would be on the street corner showing everyone who passed by...dufuss' unite!

    Way to go!

  23. Congratulations. That is wonderful and worth the woohoos!!

  24. This is so wonderful for you and you certainly deserve it. I bought the mag last week and the pics are great. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for agreeing with me about my granddaughter being a darling.
    Laughing with Angels, June

  25. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Did Somerset find you by way of your blog? I'd be just as thrilled if I were you. Wishing you more success in the future!


  26. Congratulations!
    what wonderful ideas...

    Enjoy the moment,

  27. very cool! I bought the magazine yesterday and I am lovin it! Your two creations are awesome.....

  28. I just found you, so this congrats is a little late but hearfelt nonetheless. You should be proud. You deserve it. You my friend are a creative girl and deserve all the accolades you get! Enjoy!!!

  29. wooooooohoooooooo! way to go! I am so glad to see your beauties published! you soooo deserve this!

  30. So much new news in such a short time. You probably don't remember me from My thoughts and creations ? I have a new blog of a few months now, and am trying to remember everyone's name from before.

    Your blog is just lovely. Love your colors, and content. The cork idea is so clever !
    Stop over and see me Memories at the Lake anytime. They only problem I have is no one can find me. It has to do with the feeds and right now I am struggling to remember before. Seems like it wasn't this complicated.
    Anyway, just a Hi to you and glad I tripped over you by accident. Small world ?


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