April 2, 2009

The Heart of The Matter.....

I have been noticing these marshmallowy treats
everywhere! They are soooooo pretty in all their
pastelly goodness! I have spent many a sleepless
night wondering what they might taste like?????
But I never allowed myself to buy them because
I might like them...

...my philosophy is: if I don't try new things that
I might like, then I will never know that I like them
and those are a few less things that I will eat...
and consequently increase in size...exponentially!

There was no need for this rule until a few years
ago when I was forced into trying ranch dressing
& pistachios...both of which I had spent a life time
ignoring but now...well, let's just say, if I found an
old tire by the side of the road and there was ranch
dressing anywhere near by...ommmm nomm nommm!

Alas, last week I broke down...it was 3 o'clock
and I hadn't eaten a thing and my inner glutton
won out! Which, ultimately was a good thing, since I
now know that they are quite BORING and I have
no desire for them...not even with ranch dressing!

But none of that was the point of this post...
the sales girl insisted that "everyone thinks they
are hearts left over from Valentine's Day, but they
are actually bunny feet!". Really??? Bunny Feet?

Do you see that? Bunny feet?

Well, they certainly aren't birdie feet!

And they don't look like the feet of famous
English authors for a thousand, Alex!

I'd have to save they need to check the ventilation
in the particular Home Goods...loopy sales girl, or
no....thems hearts as I live and breathe!

No matter...whatever they are, and however
yucky they taste...they are rather photogenic
so I think I will be enjoying them anyway...in
a fabulously non-caloric way!

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  1. Ah, I see the bunny feet but only after you told us! lol I was thinking hearts too. Either way they are adorable!

    All the best,

  2. Now that you say bunny feet, that's all I can see! Here's 2 bunny feet. ♥ ♥ ☺

  3. bunny feet???
    some company has found a delightful way to market Valentine's left-overs!
    I'm not surprised they don't taste all that wonderful - they look as if they would taste like a combination of styrofoam and white sugar LOL.

    But they are pretty - and you've photographed them to pefection!

  4. They look too good to eat!! Why is it all the good things are supposed to be bad for us?
    You have some cute ideas there........ bunny feet!
    Have a great weekend!
    Margaret B

  5. Anyone who can photograph candy and make them look good enough to frame and hang on the wall, has a VERY special talent. Sandi

  6. You are the "funnest" blogger on the block. Thank you for a Friday Funny!

  7. Oh I don't know. The Campfire marshmellow bunnies are really pretty good. BUT most important, they are green, purple, pink, white and look GREAT in a jar for Easter! I like your other uses you found!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. I just love spending time at your blog, it is so beautiful.


  9. Your post made me chuckle! Loved it and those marsmallows are so cute!! And no, don't see the bunny feet. Only hearts.

  10. LOL! Such a cute post :) I bought some bunny shaped pastel marshmellows, they are too cute for words! And i love the marshmallow twists from Marshall's, but not to eat, just to look at, lol~

  11. So soft and pretty...I would like to get paint that color...think they could color match them at the Depot?
    You do them great justice...



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