April 7, 2009

Feline Inspiration...

Do you ever wonder where people get
the ideas for certain things? What
"inspires" them to create, say,
this fluffy issue stuff?

Shreds of tissue...sticking out all over...
cute as can be...fun to use...but what
was the inventor's muse?

I think I know...

...A cat locked in the bathroom!

Who was it they said was the mother of
invention? Hmmmmm....


  1. My cat does the same thing. I never thought of it as inspiration though.

  2. you did it again - now I have to go get a towel to wipe the coffee off my monitor.

    (I am so impressed by your myriad headline photos - they're always so pretty and sophisticated - one doesn't expect to read/see something that will make them chortle like a drunk cable installer)

  3. Your TP loos so pretty with those frames! Ha-ha! I have kitties, too! Kitties locked in bathrooms can doing all sorts of creative things...

    If it's not a secret, may I ask where you find your frames? ♥

  4. What a crack-up !! Your paper looks sooosoft and shabby !! See, you may have started a new trend.. Maybe softer to use as well.. hahaha..CUTE !! Have a happy, blessed day !!! hugs ~tea~xo

  5. Seriously, The rule around here is to 'always keep the bathroom door shut'.

  6. I have four cats but only Pepper is creative with toilet paper. I didn't realize how artist she really is.
    Hugs, Susan

  7. I love how you found your inspiration.

    Hugs karen

  8. Oh, this is a scream! I don't have a kitty, but I can just see those little paws having a ball with the toilet paper! Thanks for the smiles.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. Oh this is the greatest! Thanks for sharing! Have to love the cats!!!!

    Hugs, Lisa

  10. I can't leave a box of Kleenex within reach of my dog. Whenever, we leave the house, he will rip into that box and empty it of every kleenex. I would love to have a doggy cam to see him go at it. Don't tell me they don't know they are being bad, he only does it when we are not home. Bad dog.

  11. Haha! Classic. Emma did this when she was in heat. I couldn't blame her!

  12. LOL aw, poor kitty. That was cute :)

    All the best,


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