March 15, 2009

Wanna Talk Some Trash!

No. Seriously. Trash. thought I was going to talk
about how Octomom just moved into
the neighborhood, huh? Heaven help
us...first the OC Housewives and now
this...when we moved here there were
cows and oranges and now there are...
I think I'll just stop myself right there!
But I really, trash is what I am about

All of you have probably seen these...
urn like things...meant to look like
stone...faux stone.(fone?) or faux
marble (farble?).
I digress, they actually weigh about 1/2 an
ounce and must be designed to hold plants.
Well, I was looking for something a little
different to use as a trash can in my
bathroom, when I spied one of these
urns at Walmart and "bing" the light bulb
went on!

So, I just painted it white...of course!

But then I painted the inside the same
yellow as the walls, for a bit of intrigue...
if trash cans can be intriguing?
I love how it looks, but upon further
analysis, when you live in the house
of little lions....really...Sigfreid & Roy's
home is nothing compared to my circus!
And you have this happening all the time...

A lightweight, easily tipped trash can
was nooooooot the best idea...
Oh, well, at least it's cute...let's just focus
on that!

Run on over to SUSAN'S to witness some truly
amazing transformations this
Metamorphosis Monday!


  1. What a marvelous idea! You're the most creative one using the different colors and all. But that little fuzzy face climbing into the urn takes the cake! That is just the cutest thing!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. OK first off I just want to say I'm so sorry that the O mom bought in your neighborhood!! My sister lives in Whittier her last place of residence...
    But onward and upward the urn looks great about those lions :0)
    Happy MM to you.

  3. Lions are great hunters, even if only in trash cans. My friend's cat raids the trash and bring wine corks out when company comes. This is an improvement over years ago when the cat got in the bathroom trash and brought out cardboard Tampax tubes!

    My condolences on your new neighbors.

  4. Girl that was waaaaayy too pretty to use as a trashcan anyway. But I gotta ask, what are you gonna use it for now?? I'm thinkin' maybe put some pretty towels in it just for display.

  5. I absolutely love the way the yellow looks on the inside to match the walls! What a great idea... :O) ~Sarah

  6. No doubt the white paint and creamy yellow inside made it lovely. But how could your furry child resist such a promising place to look in. One never knows where a kitty treat might be stashed. LOL So, so cute! Thx for sharing! Blessings, Barb
    ps = maybe O mom could use this trash can in HER house. heehee

  7. What a great idea for a trashcan -- I may have to steal it!

  8. What inspiration!
    Keep them coming!


  9. Lol! California does have its fair share of odd folks. Great find by the way! It looks great with that new paint job.

  10. Sorry for laughing but your kitty looks so cute. You really did transform the urn beautifully.

  11. Ha! cracks me up when you say a house with little lions 'cause that's just what it's like. They certainly have the attitude of lions from time to time! :-) I love that pic of kitty! At least he/she is not continually flushing your toilet...did you see that video that made the email rounds? Hilarious! Cute Met Monday you new waste basket...very clever conversion! And I learned two new words...farble and fone! :-)

  12. M, you need to author a little book about your transformation ideas.

    About Octomom, I would love to hear more. I'm wondering if that's what my neighbors called me when my girls were younger. All of the male children in the neighborhood at that time were terrified of me. And I liked it that way. :)

    My bark is way worse than my bite. or is it???? hee hee hee

    I am serious as a heart attack about you putting together a book of ideas. You've inspired me more than once and when I read your post I ran right to the big W to get supplies. Starting way back with the pink curtain seat cover.

  13. That looks great! I know I have to do that soon... I can't wait for May to get here! Happy Monday!

  14. This is my first visit to your blog. I will leave with a smile after seeing your wild animals. Great trash solution, painting the inside was the Cherry On Top..Cathy

  15. Oh I am so glad I found your blog. That trash can is just fabulous and the kitty is the cutest. Great post and great inspiration for those who don't have little lions around. Hugs, Marty

  16. Cute idea.cuter cat.and i adore your rug.It's lovely...ann

  17. I think it's a great idea. What about weighting it down with something like plaster of paris in the bottom?


  18. It looks beautiful!

    Love your precious kitty. ;)

  19. HAHA your cat is so cute. OK, that is the best idea ever! You are so clever! It looks great, and it so much better than a regular old trash can.

    All the best,

  20. wow, love your transformation of the urn, and i have had such a chuckle seeing your furface checking it

  21. Great idea....I think the cat thinks so too! Don't you just love Walmart?! Linda

  22. This is a really good idea. My mother has been looking for a nice looking trash can for her bathroom. All the pretty ones seem too heavy for her to grab hold of and lift to empty. I may just try this idea for her! She does not have a sweet furry to tip it over. LOL ~~ I LOVE that sweet picture. :)


  23. *** GR888 idea that turned out LOVELY!!! Now, that CAT in the last pic??? I am STILLLLL chuckling~~~ tooo precious!!! Thanks for the early afternoon blogger-smile!!! Warmly, Linda ***


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