March 10, 2009

Kae Went Away...

But just for a few days...
to an inn in south county and when
she came back...she had presents
for me! She knows I have a thing...
a literary thing...well, it might
border on idol worship...for Jane
Yes, Jane is my homie! You know how
it is...Jane was ancestors
came from England...several hundred
years ago. Jane has a sister...I have two.
Jane is a hugely famous author...
and I write this.
See! It's UNCANNY! ;)

N-E-way... Kae bought me 2 new
books, in the Jane Austen theme...

Pocket Jane wanted to get in on this too!
Doing her best Vanna White impersonation.

The illustrations are really cute!
Very Susan Branch-y.
"Guide To Good Manners"?? Is she
trying to tell me something?

Pocket Jane must really like this one!
Look at that uncharacteristic exuberance!

(Sidebar**Close-up cover detail...when
I picture my other self in the mirror, it's not usually
with a tight hair-do and itchy elbow length gloves...
it's more like a size 4 and with only one chin!)

These illustrations are hilarious! Look at the
"lady" on the the "stinketh eye" to
Miss could-have-used-about-another-inch-of-

How to ride sidesaddle???
Poor Jane!

Both book are very funny and interesting
looks into Jane's world...that seems a lot
more romantic from the nice safe distance
of a DVD!

For you enthusiasts...
Jane also highly recommends this book
filled with letters written by Mrs. Darcy
to Mrs. Bingly during their first year
of marriage.

It must have been fun to write!
Answering all the questions that we
had at the end of Pride & Prejudice.
Very intriguing!

Have a historically romantic day!


  1. I'm in pain from laughing so much, golly you always tickle me happy..thanks lovely!

  2. Oh M! Sweetie I just love you, you crack me up everytime I visit! Love Jane too, especially little posable
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  3. Your blog is so much fun to read!! You're so witty! I love how you staged your books with your adorable pocket Jane. So fun and clever!!
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. I'm currently having a Jane Austen moment as I watched Becoming Jane last night!

    A friend brought me her set of books at Christmas and I can't wait to settle down and read them all.

    Victoria xx

  5. Thankyou so much for the kind comment you left on Shannons blog! I really appreciate the encouragment.
    I LOVE Jane Austen!
    Have an awesome day.

  6. I laughed right out loud several times. You're too much fun for early morning ... though perhaps reading it in the evening with a martini or two I might get arrested for disturbing the peace.

    Pocket Jane Austen? I never knew there was such a thing.

    Though I *do* have a Pocket Shakespeare and a Pocket Karl Marx - so why not Jane?!

  7. Ohhh! Those look great! I love Pocket Jane! :) That last book looks very interesting!

  8. Hi There! Thank you for the visit today ... I have two sisters ~ one of them is a huge Jane Austin fan. I must go shopping for her birthday next month ....

  9. I wanna pee my pants (bet you won't find that in your manners book!) every time I read your blog - you are truly hillarious!!! TImes like this I wish my blog friends were tangible instead of just virtual! Sounds like you'd be fun to hang out with! ~Kim

  10. Haha! You are so funny! Pocket Jane cracks me up (you are so clever). I LOVE those books! I want to go out and find some now too! I also love Jane Austen I have her complete collection :)

    All the best,

  11. Ahhh, lovly!! :) I love Jane Austen too!! :) She was an incredible writer! :) Lovly blog! :) Have a nice week! Hugs :)

  12. What a thoughtful sister..... Those books are amazing.... but your presentation is absolutely Jane Austin worthy...

  13. Crashing in from Sits. Too funny. Hey, why is Jane giving us advice on catching Mr. Darcy? Shouldn't she be telling us how to catch Mr. Bingley? Thanks for the laugh- love your pocket Jane.

  14. I visited Bath, England a few years back. Jane apparently lived there at one point. visiting your blog...coincidence??? I think not!

  15. This was so much fun! I also am a Jane Austin lover. . . well, you know what I mean. These are great!! I am so jealous! Where did you get your posable Jane?


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