March 17, 2009

Have You Been To The French Market????

It's the cutest little Etsy shop!
Not only do they create some darling treats...
but they are all $5!!!! Did I mention that????
Talk about a Stimulus Package!

Now you might begin to notice a "slight"
difference in the following pictures...
they "might" go from my doofy, dorky ones
to their crisp and sassy ones....pretend not
to notice....FOOOOCUS on the $5!!!!!!!
Did I mention that??????

How fun is this seam binding!
All loopy doopy on a vintage spool!
(glittery doo-dad & pearly pin included!)
And they have about 8 million shades
of pink....ok, maybe only 8000...but
they have a lot! And sooooooo many
other colors too!

(Insert "oooh & ahhh" here...I
spent waaaay too much time trying
to capture that "sparkle"....I know, I know...
if I would only use my powers for good!)

Old fashioned glassine bags!

A la Francois.....

and, a la bun-nay!
Tres hippity-hoppity!

I just don't know if I can part with them!
Does anyone really deserve something this
cute...besides me??????
Zoot alor! (don't be intimidated by my French Beauty & the Beast 5000
times and you too will be bilingual!)

Look at this sachet! Too cute! (truth in advertising
disclaimer is lavender filled...personally
lavender makes me gag-a-vous, but I would not have
my prissy perfume preferences in any way influence
you...a vous)

I love this!!!

OK, now this....quel intrigue! It's an old French book
all shred a vous! I don't know what I would do with
this....but tres-likey! (I could never do this to a book would seem like a sin...but if "someone"
else did it for me, and I paid them, say $5...
well then, my conscience would be clear...kinda
like eating meat; I could never dispatch the beast
myself...but I will sure a heck slap some ketchup
& pickles on it if you do!!)

Hand stamped ribbon!!!!

Equal time for you non-pinkies!
It's cool in either color!!!!!

They also sell these adorable little groupings
of fooferie! With great names like:

Pretty Pink Mademoiselle

Marie Antoinette

Meet Me In Paris For Tea

Whether, you love the French look, or non....
this is one fun Etsy shop to peruse!
And, did I mention....
Sacre Bleu!

another sparkle!


  1. I am gasping and off to visit the shop now....

  2. All of these treasures are so beautiful!

    Ooh la la!


  3. Your posts are so cute and make me laugh :) I can't wait to check this place out you make it sound totally awesome.

    All the best,

  4. This post was tres magnifique! You always show us pretties and I really enjoy coming here just to see what you'll do next. Thanks for sharing with us. xxoo

  5. Thanx for the heads up! I'm on my way.I was just telling a friend about a craft project that needed seam binding.How serendipitous!

  6. What a beautiful shop...I'll have to go check that out...I especially love that bunny! I loved seeing your kitty snooping in that planter, in the post cute, standing on tippy toes and all!! Your blog is always so fun and such a breath of fresh air.... Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Big Hug,

  7. gorgeous items! i love the bunnies with the little tails!!

  8. you sure have a great eye and thanks for sharing with the rest of us

    hope you have a fabulous day
    happy twirls

  9. Hi M
    I love all these treasures.

    I want everything,ha
    Have a nice day :)


  10. Wow, this is beautiful. I equally get excited at trims, laces, buttons, shiny things....oooh la la!


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