March 7, 2009

GREEN GATE...Padlocked From The Inside!

OK, since I started the ruckus...created the kerfuffle...
and got every one's envious dander up, I figured I
owed it to you all to tell you if I had made any headway
in cracking the GREEN GATE CONSPIRACY!
Prepare yourselves for some hard core investigative
journalism here...just that facts...I am ON TASK!

I was informed that GREEN GATE was sometimes
available on the English Ebay site...but no luck there
...or the Swedish or German or Austrian (racial profiling?)
But I did find these 2 sites,
...nope, no amor por Los Estados Unidos!

These are floor mats....holy cannoli!
Would you sell a kid or a kidney
for that???? (uh, did that sound a bit
shallow ;) Sorry, I saw PINK and my mind
went all piffffffffffffffffffff!
But, I digress;
Marvelous Mira from BELLE BLANC
(this is a seriously gorgeous blog...heavenly!)
was the first to send her condolences...and a German
website called, um, my grasp of the German language
ends with Der Wienerschnitzel so, let's just go with

And let me tell did nothing to ease the pain!
19 pages of beachy/cottage/charming goodness...19!



Or plastic?
YES!!! They have paper plates and melamine!

All those cute blond babies are drinking
from these adorable sippy cups while we
have zip, zilch, zero, nada!

And just so you all don't think this is
just a shabby chic pink thing...

LOOK at this Mary Engelbreit RED!!!

These grays fit for any beach home!

Just choose your blue!!!!
They have one for every style!


Bunny ornaments!!!!! (Eggs too!)

Again, I might have missed a bit in
translation but I'm almost positive they
said that sitting on these cushions makes
your, um, bahookie, look like a size 4!!!!
Something about the pattern tricking
the human eye!

So much for being Woodward or Beirnstein, huh?

Well, the short answer in NO!
To quote the soup nazi, "No Green Gate for you!"
My sagacious advice...if you have a friend in England,
Germany or Scandinavia...start telling them how thin
they cuuuute their kids are....lay it on
in lavender! Then maybe they will score you some
GREEN GATE from that side of the ocean...this
side is dry as a bone! (picture, if you will, a cow's
skull in the middle of the desert as a tumble weed blow
mournfully by...that dry!)
Sorry, Charlies!


  1. you are just too darned funny for Sunday morning

  2. That is some cute stuff!! You just had to show it, so I could share in your pain. Cute post and great blog.

  3. OMG! You are hilarious!
    All of that stuff is to die for! I have some relatives in other parts of the world - I'll see what I can do.

  4. I just saw your comment on one of my posts. Thank you! I'm a little slow and new to the blog thing. I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge sooner.

    Your site is beautiful and you are hillarious. Thanks for making my day! I have just added you to my favorites. Have a great one!

  5. I absolutely swooned when I went through the Greengate Catalogue and jumped for joy when I saw a shop in my high street that sells the products... I sooo need to investigate!!!!!

    I'll let you know how i get on!

    Victoria xx

  6. There is so much nice things in the Green gate- style ;)

  7. you. are. fabulous. Just found your Blog. I am hooked! O.C. = Orange County, California? I grew up there. Live in Pasadena now. Can't wait to read more!!!!

  8. Oh, those storage tins are absolutely gorgeous! Darling!


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