March 4, 2009

Darn it, Denmark! What's The Deal?

I was ablog hoppin' and I found...well, "found"
isn't really the right word...maybe "fell into" is.
(Don't you ever feel like Alice down the rabbit hole
when you go from blog to blog to blog and have to
spend 5 minutes backing yourself out to get back to
the blog you originally started from?? Well, that's
what I get for being nosey, huh;)
Anyway, "during my travels" I found WANILLA ROSE
and saw these adorably darling tidbits!

And although it read Green Gaten on her
blog, I knew she meant GREEN GATE
(linguist that I am!) The illusive Green
Gate...rare as hens teeth!

So, I went hunting in cyberspace and
I did find their website, but you have
be Danish to order from it...
(it's not like they ask for your birth
certificate or a DNA test, but it's just
for residents of Denmark)
What is up with that? Can we really
and truly not buy these cute items?

Don't they know I have been to SOLVANG ????
I've eaten an ebilskever????
Don't they know I need them?????
I had to content myself with their on-line

I just know that if I had this...

I would suddenly look like this...

And if I had this....

My home would be transformed into this.....

And with this, would come...

adorable blond sons...
that would never fight...

And with this....

Would come a daughter who never sasses!
And won't date until she is 18...

And with this....

Would come this miraculously clean bathroom!

And with all this would come...

Oh, I dont' peace?
The Dow over 10,000?
Clothes that repelled cat hair?

WOW! It all seemed possible when
I was looking at the catalogue!

So, what is the deal with GG?
I couldn't even find it on Ebay...
where have you been able to find it?


  1. You are just amazing... you make my day - really love your with this... would come this... LOL

    I don't know if they ship to the USA but try your luck here it's a german webshop and they have nearly the whole GreenGate products... Hugs, Mira

  2. Those are some gorgeous goodies! I'd like to buy some. Do you get some vintage Danish Robert Redford look-a-like too? I mean to go with the perfect house, decor and family.
    Hugs, Susan

  3. you just tickled me are a hoot!!

  4. What a beautiful pictures... I like GG very much! I find GG here in Finland quite easily :) Have a nice day!

  5. Just a quick comment :-) Wanilla Rose is here in Finland. As for the Green Gate items... The German eBay, for example, has a nice variety and many sellers there do ship internationally.

  6. hilarious post! loved the dishes.

  7. love this post!

    dont know where you can find it though. ;|

    i wouldnt mind looking like those models either...but maybe the sandals will help?


  8. Okay, I want some of that too. I want to look like that, have a house like that, a bathroom too, but I think I'll pass on the cute little blonde boys. I think I'll take a big one instead!! LOL

  9. I love those red polka dotted items in the kitchen pic- too cute!

  10. haha omg you so sound like me! when I looked at those pics on there site I was like omg omg I want that! oh crap hmmm do I know that is danish? hahahaha so i just had to drool on my laptop at the pics of the beautiful items i cant buy! let me knwo if ya know a secret to getting them! hugs

  11. Fun post! Love the dishes.

  12. You are so funny! Don't we wish? Beautiful photos ...I certainly know what it is like to fall down that rabbit hole!

  13. OH my gosh you are too funny!!! I am so glad I stopped by, you made my day!! All the best, Chrissy

  14. I giggled my way through your post.



  15. Yes, the Finnish Wanilla Rose is marvellous webshop as well as shop to visit. My absolute favourite!

  16. Green Gate really is stunning! Hey, welcome to the world of living in a country not shipping to you! Frustrates me to high heaven that lots of US sellers won't even ship to Australia, lol, so we're missing out on the European stuff AND some of the US stuff.
    Maybe you could go to Denmark, and od a big buying trip, send back a shipping container load to the US, and be the US seller for it?!!!! (and ship it to Australia of course)

  17. i haven't been able to find it either, being a fan for a while now. It pops up on the UK ebay site but that's about it. Don't they realise that if they took it to the world everyone would be poor and they would be! The Danes, so selfless....

  18. You are such a hoot..... fun post..... lol

  19. What a beautiful blog you have!! I love your pictures!!! The polka dot teacup...I didn't even know I liked those until I saw your blog!!

  20. Love the dishes, especially the polka dotted ones. Funny post!

  21. I love that green striped pitcher in your first picture...I'm a sucker for any pitcher that has green on it...loved looking at all the other goodies...

  22. Linda/ "Mom..."March 5, 2009 at 9:37 PM

    *** This was my first visit here & I am SOOOO ENJOYING your witty writing/ sense of humor!!! Putting you on my "FAVS", & altho I SHOULD be asleep, planning to go back~ right now!~ and read your OTHER postings~~~ Simply delightful, and I thank you! Best, Linda/ RMS's "Mom of a German Shorthair" (and "born n' bred in OC to boot!)... "I villllll be bacccckkk!"~ Grins!!!

  23. Okay this was a funny post!!! I am still giggling!! Thank you for starting my day off right! Let me know if you find the roses LOL The dishes were so pretty too!

  24. your hilarious! cute dishes! can u imagine shipping costs?

  25. Thanks for the laugh. You are really funny and don't we all really think that if we could just have that perfect house the rest would follow. But I know what you mean;those Danish Blogs are amazing. Is BLOG Danish???



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