March 1, 2009

Bouquet de la fille folle....

I hope the translation is correct...I
"Babel Fished" it...
I was going for "Crazy Girl's Bouquet"!

Oh, sure, it just looks like a run-of-the-mill
bouquet, but as I was just standing by my
counter I noticed all this stuff that I had
stuck into this it...
Why? Uh....uh....not to start a new trend, that's
for sure.

Apparently, I have been subconsciously using it
as a "Crafting Catch-all"....Deeeeeeeeeply
subconscious since I have no memory of
doing it...or even where some of this stuff
came from?????? YIKES!

Where did I get the sparkly thing on a ribbon?

Ohhhhhhhhhh, there's my sparrow pattern!
I must have put it in "a safe place" so I'd
remember where it was! ;0

I wondered where that was!

WOW! No idea......

Again....I got nothin'.....


Where did I buy those white bally things????

Camouflaging roses among other roses in
never a good idea.....

I must be getting old!


  1. This gets my vote!!!!I thought it was very pretty, sometimes we can be creating and not really know we are!! LOL
    Thank you for sharing and for your sweet visit.

  2. Ooohhh.. whatever you've done, it looks wonderful, and full of sweet surprises.. Enjoy your day... hugs ~tea~

  3. Ha! Gotta laugh at this one. I am constantly placing things in a "safe" place so as not to get lost. Then, you guessed it, absolutely no idea where the safe place went! It keeps moving on me!

  4. You have me rolling on the floor with this post, because I can certainly relate. (But at least when you do it, it's a piece of art) LOL!!!

  5. A very sweet bouquet! LOL

  6. I love little surprises.
    And this is full of them.

  7. Maybe I will try to have a catch all if it would turn out to be like this. I like it! It is purdy!

  8. beautiful!!!!! Love those bouquets!

  9. this is so wierd because i am going through the same blue bird drama? i was wondering where it was coming from? maybe hope that spring is near? i don't know, but i have been picking thinks up with birds on them everywhere i go, they are too cute and i love all the patterns as well that you can find. thanks for sharing....


love to hear from you! ;}