February 22, 2009


Well, yesterday Kae hosted her annual Valentine's Tea...
and I was sooooooooo ready to take millions of pictures
to post, and that I was happily doing...until my battery
died...(DUH! doesn't even seem to be the right word
for such moron-itude!)

Luckily, my niece had her camera at the ready...it was even
charged! Maybe that is why she is the paid, professional
photogharpher...and I am not! But now I have to wait to
get the pictures from her, so in the meantime, I will
tease you with a few of the ones I was able to take before
the unfortunate event!

Cute, glittery heart huh? I know! She didn't get me
one either!!!! Where's the LOVE?????



  1. I love it all. Cant wait to see the rest of the pictures. I am forever forgetting batteries. ANd always run out at the worst time...LOL

  2. Beautiful post! Love the cup and saucer and the holder.

  3. Oh, that cup and saucer at the end is beautiful!

  4. great pictures. can't wait to see the rest. i love the glittery heart in the flowers and my favorite is that teacup holder with that gorgeous teacup! i'm so jealous!!!

  5. Ooohh.. This was just BEAUTIFUL.. Looks like a lovely time.. Soo much pretty..pink..yummies.. LOVE that cup and saucer..Thanks for the pretty look..
    hugs ~tea~

  6. Look at all those fabulous Valentine goodies! The cup and saucer are adorable on that beautiful wire stand! WOW! :)

  7. I just love all of the decorating with the toulle (sp??). Lovely pictures.

  8. Everything looks so pretty. I've been meaning to tell you that I really love your new banner. My grandmother used to make doilies and bedspreads similar to what you show in the lower left-hand corner. My mom has a beautiful bedspread just like that. Nice job, as usual!!

  9. So pretty. Can't wait to see more. I wanted to tell you that I watched the Lauren Luke video, then went to You Tube and watched about 6 more...and well, that was my Sat night! She is pretty good with that make-up brush! The blue items are gorgeous and of course, I love your photography!

  10. Oh my, but you got some very lovely shots of "Pink-ness," before your batteries died.

    Know what I do? We have a battery recharger and I keep 2 charged batteries, always at the ready. And if going someplace, I pop them in my purse. {Which is really simply a pretty canvas bag} Saves some %^*&^(&&^%*(^&*% and some "Oh merde!"... when batteries die. -gigggles-

    Aunt Amelia
    A late Winter fantasy... Please come join me


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