February 5, 2009

SHOW & TELL FRIDAY! A Glitter Primer

I made a new batch!

Bee bought me a bag of starfish &
Kae bought this really boss new glitter...
so, I had no choice but to take it for a test

It's called Crystalina and it's kind of intriguing
with it's gold highlights! It practically came in a
ten gallon vat (from Shinoda) so I can do a lot
of experimenting with it!

My fav! It's fairy dust from Party Decor( and
it's about 1000 years old so they are probably
out of business now!) It's the best irridescent
I have ever owned!

Although it's virtually impossible to take a picture
that truly shows how awesomely sparklicious
German glass glitter is, this picture does show
how different it looks from even Martha's silver
glitter (which, by the way, I LOVE! It's so light
and fluffy! So, light, in fact, that you spend a lot
of time cleaning up what you have dumped all
over since the feather-light container tips over
at the slightest bump!)

Geez, can I get a gig doing glitter reviews?
Is there a PhD in Glitterology?
Maybe open a shop called "Just Glitter"!
What is it they say? "If it sparkles, they
will come"? :)
Way too much glitter talk, I know! But I always
get a lot of questions(like what ever possessed
you to put glitter on a starfish in the first place!)
when I post a glittery echinoderm, so I just
thought I Show & Tell you all!

Make sure to stop by
to see lots of pretty things...not necessarily
covered in glitter!


  1. You may not think so but you did very well with your pictures. Your starfish are beautiful

  2. Love the starfish, love the glitter. You deserve a degree in glitterology. Your sparkling creations are always wonderful!

  3. Oooo, look at the pretty, glittery starfish. They look fantastic!

  4. cute...first the PhD in Glitterology. There just HAS to be something like that out there in the world.

    Secondly, they're gorgeous, but my question is,........how do you not BREAK them while working with them...I have some I've found on the beaches here and they're so fragile.

    My Show n Tell is posted now, hope you can drop by. It's going to be a 3-parter so it won't take so long for loading.

  5. Pretty, informative and FUN post!

  6. I am constantly amazed at the great creativity I see on S&T Fridays! I love how you jazzed the starfish up! I can think of a great place in MY own house for those!

  7. my these star fish are wonderful.You did a great job with them.

  8. I've been admiring your glitter starfish ever since I first "met" you on Pink Saturday! Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday!




  10. I think they would be so pretty for Summer in a Apothacary jar! I love them.

  11. Gorgeous!!! You make it look so easy.

  12. I never would have thought starfish...glitter. But yours are beautiful!

    So funny too- PhD in glitterology-- I think you could work with Martha Stewart! She loves glitter! And with your PhD, you'd probably be well paid:)

    Thanks for showing us your pretty things!

    Linda C

  13. How gorgeous!! They look just like icing coated marshmallow!! What lovely delicate colours - you are so talented! Really enjoyed reading your post! FeeBeeKay

  14. Dr. Glitterology.
    Are you trying to make me jealous. I'll have to go to a Glittertherapist.
    Because it's working. I love the starfish all dolled up and sparkling.

  15. I love the pink glittery starfish! My daughter asked me if Ariel sent them to you..hee hee hee!

  16. I think these are absolutely gorgeous! Very sparkly and outstanding! Love the colors... ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

  17. I come to your blog specifically to get a GLITTER FIX! Love the new batch of starfish! You are the glitter queen! :)

  18. The starfish are beautiful, thanks for sharing the info on the glitters.

  19. I love glitter too! It makes everything pretty ;o). Your starfish look great...I like the white glitter the best.


  20. I love the words you come up with, like chandelerious and glitterology. You're too funny! Your starfish are wonderful! I should really try using glitter more often but I hate the mess because you just can't help knocking the darn container over! Sounds like you know just what I mean!!!

  21. Thank you much for yore swwer coment in blog :)
    I`m so happy when new ones are visiting me :))
    I love your blog and I`ll soon be back :)
    Love the starfish :)

    Hugs, from Kari and Norway :)

  22. M, did you actually say "boss"? I have to go back and re-read that first or second paragraph. :)

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting glitter on a starfish. If starfish had the ability to tell us what they wanted, I know they would ask for glitter. Why shouldn't they be able to shine in the sea just like the stars of the sky? All stars should glitter, no matter where they are.

  23. The starfish are just wonderful. Have a happy pink saturday!

  24. clever glitter girl...can one ever really have enough??

    I love your spiny treats!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  25. Love all these, especially the pink ones. Hugs, Rosemarie

  26. A glitter store-YES! Perfect idea! Can't wait for it to open....:)
    The starfish are beautiful1...Happy Pink Saturday!

  27. No my dear, You can never have too much glitter! Love the starfish.

  28. am i reading my sidebar correctly? are you from palatka? if so, i'm over in keystone heights, if not, don't worry about it :O)

    i love your starfish. the glittery, sparkly stuff is awesome. i like the different colors also.

    you are always welcome in The Shadow of the Cross. feel free to visit anytime.


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