May 28, 2009

"Present" Under Glass....

I have just suffered a finger-laming
pet accident, so I have to make this
a short post since I cannot feel my
pinkie...(he didn't mean too...I
should have nipped his claws sooner...
am I an enabler, or what?)
Anyway...I know you have all seen this
picture of my wicker trunk that I have
topped with glass to keep the dust off
and how I placed vintage postcards
underneath the glass for a bit of
whimsy...I am all about the whimsy! :)

Well, that idea was not originally mine.
Bee & Kae have been doing this for years...
(and it's the most fun when they do it for
their kids' birthdays and make a collage
of THE most embarrassing childhood
pictures...the naked baby pics...the red
short-shorts...the Power Ranger pj's...
ohhhhhhhhhhh, how we laugh ourselves

But I digress, Kae has this glass covered
coffee table that she jazzes up for every
holiday.. and this is her Valentine's

No, I have no idea how she got all those
doilies to stay in place...I have to ask...

Hurry over to visit out hostess, Marie


  1. The truck is beautiful, I love it!

    sorry about your injury(ouch)


  2. what a fantastic idea....such clever ladies...I hope your finger gets better soon.

    Take care!

  3. Oh that is so clever!!!!!
    Hope you get the feeling back in your pinkie soon!

  4. Both look amazing! You gals are so creative. :)

  5. hope your finger heals up soon, thnx for stopping by my blog and joining the easter basket challenge :)

  6. You poor pet enabler, you! I hope your finger gets better soon.

    Those "under glass collages" are fabulous! I love the doilies and vintage valentines one the best.

    I love the idea of the embarrasing photos! I had some roommates who did that to me! They had embarassing photos of me from all year of me in a kimono (I had a roommate who was from Japan and had a REAL kimono that she put me in one time...well, that one wasn't so embarassing after all) and one of me with a facial cream mask on my face asleep on the couch! LOL! Oh, so many more!!! They had the photos plastered all over the walls with a Happy Birthday banner. It was fun! A very cherished memory! :)

  7. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I actually had fun decorating that cake!!! I LOVE your blog, and look forward to going thru your old posts. Hope your pinkie heals fast.

  8. Very cute ideas!! I love them!! Thank you for visiting my blog, please visit often!!! I hope your pinkie feels better soon too. Oh, and adorable cats, we have two ourselves that are currently going through the "toddler" stage and into everything!! LOL

  9. When I first saw your title I was worried to see a kitty pressed against glass. But it's safe to say no kitties for this post. But a very pretty and great idea.
    Hope your pinky feels better.


  10. The Christopher Pines etsy shop is amazing. I will spend some time tomorrow shopping around :) You have such cute finds!

  11. Every time I visit you I end up spending money. Wal-Mart, Trader Joe's, now that glass man. sigh.
    I have glass on a desk but I just keep
    work related stuff there. Now I am going to just have to get glass cut for every flat surface on my furniture.

    Love the dog pics below this post.
    They look like they feel like Ralphie in the pink bunny suit that Aunt Martha made him in "A Christmas Story".

  12. What beautiful pictures. Did you have the glass cut for your wicker chest, or did it come with it when you bought it? I need to do something like that for mine. It's a rescue from a consignment shop and it holds some of my scads and scads of yarn. xxoo

  13. Hi
    Please get well soon :)
    Thank you for sharing.
    This was the first I have seen
    your pink wicker trunk it is gorgeous !
    Now I feel a need to go do a project .
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care now.
    Happy Trails

  14. Oh, this is a beautiful post and oh so clever. Hope your finger is much better.


love to hear from you! ;}