February 28, 2009

Perilously Pink Tale....

So many of you commented on this teacup from a
earlier this week...well, it is pretty isn't it? Just so pretty
and delicate... well, it was....
While my sisters were slaving in the kitchen, I
was roaming Kae's home, with my Muse in tow,
fluffing and adding flair were needed (Kae's Muse
was on strike because she felt that she was over
worked and underpaid!)

So, I took a whole stack of doilies and placed them
all around...including one right under this teacup...
NOT A GOOD PLAN, this being the bottom
shelf and all...in a home where this lives....

Yep, one of Satan's...I mean Hero's very large paws
wanted that doily and wanted it bad...you can guess
the rest I'm sure....KABOOM! Smithereenies!
Can you really fault a feline for admiring PINK
too? I think it just proves that he has been
raised right! ;)

Scamper over the HOW SWEET THE SOUND
for more PINK!!!!!


  1. Oh, my....so I'm not the only one. I have two that I was going to post about this week too!! And I honestly believe they are drawn to pink!!!! Sorry about the beautiful tea cup.

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry about the 'accident' - those kitties can be sneaky, can't they? Nevertheless, Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Luv the pic of kitty!...he looks so mischievous with that little moustache. Sorry to hear about the teacup and saucer it was very pretty :(

  4. What a heartbreaking loss! I wonder why this cat wanted the doily. At least a dog breaks things out of clumsiness but a cat...hmmmm, don't wish to offend any cat lovers... :-)


  5. AH, that's too bad! Did you save the pieces for a mosaic maybe? Happy Pink Saturday, and don't punish the kitty too harshly!!

  6. oh no! that poor tea cup! well now you just have to find another gorgeous tea cup for that beautiful holder. i love that holder!

  7. Kitties are something else! Sorry about the teacup!

  8. So sorry to hear of the demise of that lovely tea cup. There is nothing sadder :(

    Hope you have a Happy Pink Saturday in spite of it.

  9. -giggles- Oh sigh. Oh my. But that's life, with pets and small children. They see. They want. They get.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk on Satan... Errrr... On Hero. ,-)

    Aunt Amelia
    "It seems a long time since the morning mail could be called correspondence."
    ~Jacques Barzun

  10. I'm so sorry about the cup and saucer...It is er..was very pretty.

    Happy Pink Sat.


  11. Aha, he was caught in the act. Live and learn I guess.

    Happy Pink Saturday. And, I sure would like one of those cookies.

  12. Oh No!!! Go visit ANNES post...she showed us how to make mosiacs the other day! Happy PS anyway!

  13. Oh that devil of a cat - I was one of those who loved this tea set! Gee, I bet your sister wasn't too happy about it!

  14. Ouch! That must of been sad.....did the little kitty feel bad? Happy Pink Saturday.

  15. Oh,no! That little stinker! Poor little beautiful teacup!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  16. I just wanted to drop in to say Hello and thank-you for visiting my blog. I'm sorry to hear about yur teacup & saucer. I don't know if I would of laughed or cried!

  17. what a shame.

    I only have one word for you:



    I know - it's not funny when a treasure gets broken.

    Happier Pink Saturdays in your future!

  18. Oh No!!!! Wow that just hurts a bit inside doesn't it...

    Thanks for visiting my blog.. it means a lot to me...

    Have A Blessed Day!!!

    Just A Gal...

  19. So sorry to hear about the teacup but on a positive note you could always save the bits and pieces and do a mosaic with it....if you haven't already tossed it in the garbage....just an idea.

  20. Oh, those pesky fur balls! I feel your pain. I have had more than one thing broke by my little devils!

  21. Oh no, not the teacup! Naughty kitty..

  22. Hi!!!Kitties are something else! Sorry about the teacup!

  23. LOL! Not only is this post pretty, but it is humorous as well. What a funny kitty! He's a cutie, too! Sorry to hear about the death of your doily.


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