February 16, 2009

A Not-So-Necessary Creation...

Something about the tiny little pink feather
boas in the doll department at Michael's
seemed to tickle my Muse's fancy...but you
think I'd have more control over her...I mean
I am the responsible one, right? (don't answer!)
But, truly, who among us is strong enough to
resist pink feathers???

So, you'd think that when I found out that
there was no wooden "E" so, I'd have to
make due with a backwards "3" (sounds like
Dr. Seuss, huh?), that sense would have gotten
the better of me...but no, my Muse pressed on...

...until we had created a "LOVE"-ly feathery
Valentines banner!!

Sorry, kind of a ratty picture...click to enlarge.

Some things are just too "foo-foo" to live


  1. Love that picture, your room is lovely. I envy people who can have white furniture. It's just to dusty and dirty here in the City to have something like that. Thanks for sharing with us. xxoo

  2. Pretty in pink! I also adore a little marabou on many confections I've created. This banner was the perfect embellishment for Valentines.

    Come for a visit.
    Sweet wishes,

  3. Very cute....I love that little topiary too!
    -sandy toe

  4. My cats would have a ball with a feather boa! Looks very cute and I adore your new blog header. It is beautiful. :)

  5. That "Love" banner is precious....especially hung by the feather boa! I couldn't help but notice the refection in the oval mirror...(when I enlarged the photo)...be still my heart...honey, your sofa area is gorgeous! Such pretty throw pillows and those apothecary jars look so pretty on the table.... just the right touches of cottage! I Love it! The vintage card wreath is precious too in the other post! Hope you have a great day...
    Big Hug,

  6. Oh, this is so magical. There is something about traveling with someone when they are on an imagination adventure! Thank you for sharing such a lovely creation, I felt like I was there in Michael's as your imagination led the way.

  7. Okay.. Now that's sweet.. PINK, featherly, soft, and romantic What a cool thing to make.. Have a good day.. ~tea~

  8. Ohhhh that is soooo cute! And so creative... {backward 3!}

    Yes, what is a life without "foo-foo"???? ,-)

    And I am so in love with the reflection of your room, in the mirror. All that white and pink. Be still my heart. :-))))

    Aunt Amelia
    "The hardest thing to learn in life
    is which bridge to cross and which to burn."
    ~David Russell

  9. So many lovely things you posts. I love your white frames and also the white furniture. White is soooo beautiful to me and I can never get enough of it! I like pinky stuff too!!

  10. What a darling Valentine's banner! Love the pink feathers! You had to listen to your Muse! You justhad to!

  11. Very creative & sweet. My imagination is just not that up to par! Love the room!!


  12. Hi M, I have given you an award! Pop on over to see it, Kathryn. XX

  13. I wanted to make a love banner for Valentine's Day and my craft store was out of E's, too. I didn't think of using the 3, although they may not have had those either. I'll have to watch and when they have it, I'll buy it for next year. I really like your banner, and the mirror and the room are beautiful.

  14. Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog ~ I've enjoyed reading yours tonight. I favor anything and everything pink ~ your Love banner with the Pink Feather Boa is adorable!

  15. Looks so gorgeous!! You did an amazing job!! very pretty!

  16. I am loving the pink boa...Such a cute and pretty way to decorate!!!

  17. I perfectly understand having to have the pink feathers. When something just screams at you, you have to take it home!


  18. Love the banner and absolutely LOVE the mirror....that's gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing


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