February 16, 2009

A Little Short Cut...

I know that the way I have our post titles
set up is not really conducive to "ease of use"...
maybe if I actually used titles that were
informative instead of smart alek-y, you might
find your slog through the blog a bit easier...but
I can't help myself. I cannot use simple post titles...
partly because I am a brat and partly because I am
full of, uh, I mean creative.
So, I have pulled the posts that featured our
(since I think those are the ones we enjoy
the most...seeing each others decorating styles) and
put them
all together in one place...right
over there in the sidebar,"HOME TOURS".

I hope is helpful, because I will never change...my post
titles will never be anything but obnoxious! :)
And for you crafty chicks, I am working on gathering
all the posts that featured my old photographs
and post
cards, so that you can copy and use them
to your hearts content!

Hope you are enjoying your PRESIDENT'S DAY!!
(I am...it's raining!!!! :)


  1. SO many nice things going on here for you--Congrats!

  2. thanks so much for stopping by my blog... don't be a stranger:)

  3. I saw your home tour as well as your sister's yesterday while browsing through the archives. They are fabulous!! I'm glad I'll be able to find them easier now, whenever I need a little extra inspiration. ;)

  4. You are such a sweetheart for sharing. I also love the new look to your blog. Happy President's Day! xxoo

  5. You can do anything you want to. :)
    Love your blog!
    Enjoying the rain here too.Everything looks so pretty in between the down pours.

  6. What a fun blog! Thank you so much for stopping by the cabin! I'll be back! :-) L~

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog. I love yours!!!!! Can't wait to snap up your postcards!

  8. THat was a great idea putting all your decor blogs on the side bar- I had fun looking at them again!


  9. Oh, please don't change your cute blog titles - they make me smile. I love your sense of humour.
    Congrats on your award and publication.

  10. thanks!

    i love them! i will be adding to them soon.

    and i am ultra conservative. to the core. ;]


love to hear from you! ;}