January 14, 2009

Winter, Winter, Where For Art Thou, Winter??????

See that?

No, that...back there!


Yah, that!

It's the sun...I know you know that,
but, I'm trying to make a point....
IT'S JANUARY!!!!!!!!!

It makes stuff sparkly, like this.....

And keeps stuff green all year long,
like this.....

And makes pets weird....like this!!!

Strange as it may seem...I would like a
bit less sun...but I thought I'd share it
with those of you who are in the midst
of all the brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that's going
on back east! YIKES!!

Our big boss from Corp. was visiting us
on Monday...from Minn....it was like 80,
with warm Santa Ana winds...the kids at
the elementary school across that parking
lot were all wearing shorts....he told us the
high for the week in Minn. would be 5...
not Celsius...5 American degrees!!!!!
Mother of Pearl!!!! How do you guys
handle that!!!!! I am always jealous
when RUE shows off her snow, but I know
I could never really live in it!
WIMP! Although I would do quite well
in a "Forks"-like rainy climate.

I hope these little photographic rays
of sunshine might do a bit to warm
any of you who have cold toes today! :)


  1. You and I are on the same wave length with our posts today. Yours was a good one. Can't help but feel bad for those in that frigid weather, but the sun sure is nice . . .

  2. Whenever she shows her snow I too think how I would love to wake up to it. BUT, then I go outside at night and think how much I love the weather here.

  3. Oh how I miss the sun BUT it even came out here in Oregon! :)

  4. LOL:) too much sun huh? never had that problem here...it was 3 degrees here yesterday morning...we are having a warm spell this morning, it is 11 degrees!!! i'll take some of that sunshine if you don't mind!!!

  5. You and I were on the same page, sister! I blogged about my snow nostalgia yesterday as well..must be the warm sunny weather frying our brains...

    I stopped in for my daily dose of pretty...


  6. Our weather is what makes California so great! As soon as Christmas is over (sometimes before) it's Spring!
    Hugs, Susan

  7. Oh we in the north are used to our weather as you are to yours. Ours is beautiful too. You just need to see the beauty. Everything covered in a blanket of white, the sun shining, kids sledding, skating, skiing, snowmobiling. It's fun. It's what you make out of it, I'm sure. This is our "nesting" time in the north. Regroup, reorganize, purge. I personally look forward to it. We have more family togetherness, that's for sure.

    The heat, not for me. I love the 4 seasons. We were in San Antonio, Texas in June and I thought I would die with all that heat and humidity. No, I guess our blood must be thicker LOL.



  8. M, it was minus 17 here when I got home from work. Since the garage is still full of the furniture from the still under reconstruction basement, my little car is in the driveway and I've had to cover the hood with two blankets so it will start tomorrow. All the cabinet doors are open to let the heat in so we don't wake up to ruptured pipes. There is a 3 foot drift of snow on my deck out back. I'm not even going to try to move it.

    They say it will be colder tomorrow.
    Can't wait.

    I'm sorry, that isn't the sun you think you are seeing. The sun fizzled out about 4 days ago and it's just a matter of time. Tooooo cold, can'tttttt feel my ttttttoes.....are those my teeth chattering or does someone have a set of maracas?

    Come see my chandelier!

  9. Thank you for warming my toes! When its 12 degrees I sure miss the Santa Annas! Just love your blog!

  10. Ohhhhh I am such a California girl and I really really miss the warm weather ~ We are in Texas so it isn't as cold as alot of people but I would pretty much adore 80 degree weather about now ~
    I love your sunny pictures ~ they make me dream ~

  11. What a beautiful post! Love the "glowy" flowers and stuff! Your cat photo is hilarious! Oh, I love the hearts from your previous post! WHat a cute, inexpensive way to decorate! I'll have to do some shopping, LOL! :)


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