January 22, 2009

Sky Watch Friday...Minute by Minute

Almost every evening at about 5, there is a beautiful
sunset starting to appear through the west facing
windows at work...

and I'm always amazed at how quickly
the picture can change if I don't grab my
camera and get a shot of it right that

Click on over to The Official Sky Watch
to see more ever changing skies!!


  1. M, I love your sunset pics and I adore your winter post below it.
    Now, if you want to see some winter, stop by for a visit and see what I just posted.

    Hey, it might hit 30 here tomorrow!

  2. Beautiful picture with wonderful colours!

  3. Lucky you to see a sunset most evenings. We live in the shadow of a mountain so don't get beautiful sunsets although some of our sunrises are spctacular.

    Great pics!

  4. What a great idea taking your camera to work to get the sunset! These pics are fabulouso.

  5. How wonderful to see such things almost daily at work. And clever to have your camera handy!

  6. If we have not got it in our hand it usually is a sprint for the camera not to miss too much.
    Lovely shots!


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