January 22, 2009

Show & Tell Friday...So "Knotty"!

I love a pretty doilie!!! Ok, I love more than just
"a" doilie! I love lots of them....all of them!!!
I have many from my great grandmother, grand
mother and various other places, and to be
honest, I don't know which ones are which
any more!

But whoever made them, they are amazing works
of art!! A mass of loops and knots become something
so cool!

I cannot imagine being able to create something
this intricate!

And I can't think of any prettier background for my

Be sure to stop over at
There Is No Place Like Home
for more treasures!


  1. I used to crochet these all the time in my younger days. I've given them all away too. Now I crochet afghans mostly as I can still see the bigger yarn. :)

    I love the way you put the sparkly star on yours. xxoo

  2. I love doilies, too! I only have one that was made my someone I know and I made myself promise that I'd remember which one it is! Sometimes I panic that I'll forget! :>

    ~ ♥ ♥ ~

  3. I am learning to crochet doilies right now. It gives me an entirely new respect for the women who fashioned them!

  4. Love the doilies! I have one and it's sooo pretty!

  5. I love doilies also. Yours are lovely and your pictures are always an inspiration.

  6. I love the doilies! I have them all over our home. Some I've purchased, some were made by by Nana. They're beautiful works of art.

  7. Neat crochet! My sister does this and would love yours! Love your sparkly starfish, too.

    Happy Pink Saturday...



  8. I have doilies for days! My grandmother made them. We use them all the time!

    As always, beautiful blog!

  9. What beautiful heirlooms you have. My mother used to crochet and I have just a "few" of hers. I hope you're having a super day..hugs ~lynne~

  10. What lovely doilies, I love thread crochet and have a collection made by my mom, grandmother, an aunt and myself. I just love how you have photographed yours.


  11. Very pretty indeed.

    I can knit, but I've never learned to crochet. These are so pretty, and how wonderful that you have them from your grandmother. That makes them extra special.

    Have a great Pink Saturday.

  12. I just love doilies!! These are just beautiful!!

  13. They are lovely

    Doilies are always so nostalgic and reminds you of the 'good old times'

    How do you use them (apart as a background)? As a table cloth, bed spread?

  14. I love doilies too. They can make so many things look pretty:)

    Linda C


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