January 9, 2009

Ring! Ring! Calling Dr. Laura...I'm Having Trouble Letting Go!

It happens every year...riiiiiiiiiiight about the first
week of January...I get really in the Christmas

So, I drag my feet a lot when it comes to putting
everything away...it's hard to let it all go!!!!

Everything...well, not everything...all lined up and
waiting to be boxed...

All my crafting bit & bobs....

things I never even got to...................

Jane is thinking this little cottage is "move-in
ready"!!! So, she wants it to stay out all year!
(Poor thing...not very photogenic...
she closed her eyes for this picture!)

even my stacked up piles look fun!

So, it's January and that's just "it" for being
Merry & Bright??????? :(

My stands of trees!

Just plain 'ol sparkle!

Ohhhhhhh well....I guess if I start getting myself geared
up for Valentine's Day I might be able to snap out of it...


  1. I really know what you mean in spite of the fact that I am working on some new things for my shop Like a CD with Vintage Valentine Images I still have Christmas to put away!

  2. i feel your pain! i don't want to put my things away either but i'm forcing myself to do so today.... although i haven't moved towards doing so yet... lol

  3. I usually feel the same way. Not this year though. I have a curio cabinet that is just for my snowman collection. I usually stuff it extra full after Christmas with other things, and leave it all in there year 'round! I like looking at it all, so I figure...just leave it!

  4. You take such beautiful pictures!

  5. Do what I do and keep a year round tree you can decorate for every season! ;) I know what'cha mean though.

  6. its better to be merry and bright for as long as you can! I started putting Christmas away here at my house. I still have more to do but I'm done for today, the main job of getting the tree down is done. I have some projects that I'm looking forward to that helped me to let go.

  7. I felt sad when everything went away too--- am going to be like you and get into the VAL spirit!

  8. I think we all had the 'never got to' pile. It just came and went so fast, didn't it? Maybe we should start earlier next year. I mean the stores do it, why can't we? Loved everything you shared with us last year. xxoo


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