January 4, 2009

More Christmas With Kae!

Oh, look how cute that family room is....

Everything looks so...how can I put this....

yah, that's it!!!

Let's go on inside to get a closer look!

Another fabulous fireplace!!

A window seat on each side, just begging
for lace and garlands!!!!

And while you're at it....the patio door needs some too!!!

This picture is horrible, I didn't have a close-up so I zoomed
another picture...yuk...but this is Kae's version of the "Fairy
Arch"...every inch around this door is hung with darling
little treasures!!!

Can't leave the kitchen window bare!!!!

The usual, dainty and demure tree!!!!!!!!!!!!

And JOY & HOPE are everywhere!!!!

OK....we have finally finished up with Christmas!!!!
It's just a lot of work...so we like to drag it out and
make it last as long as possible! (trees stay up until
the Epiphany! :)
We hope everyone had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
And as for the New Year...uh, it can only get better,
right???!!! :)


  1. kae's family room is very cute. The soft yellow is very inviting. I am sure they love it.

  2. I love your decor, especially all the lighted garland around the windows. It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who keeps the tree up until Epiphany (or 'Little Christmas') as we always called it. We're the only ones on our street with the Christmas tree still up and lit.

  3. Oh, it is so hard to bring it all down after Christmas, huh? It all look so lovely.

  4. How beautiful everything is. And, yes, the New Year can only get better. Friends make it so. xxoo

  5. ok that looked too perfect!

  6. I'm lovin those wrap around window seats!

  7. Wooooow beautiful blog!!!

  8. Oh, but that window seat looks inviting.


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