January 26, 2009


Two of my pals at work spent last week in Kentucky
training for new positions that heretofore did not
exist in our company...but a lot of things have changed
there recently and they were lucky enough to be able
to keep their jobs under a new job title.

So, since they had to be away from home for
a whole week, in a strange and VERY cold place,
I thought I'd show them a little...

and I made them a little something to commemorate
the occasion...

A little pink and froo froo to start things off right....

and to commemorate the beginning of their new careers
as "Openers"....yep, that's what they are called...I couldn't
help myself!!! :)


  1. Ha you are too sweet! Those are adorable. They will love it!

  2. Cute- You are a great friend!!
    we are having a fun GIVEAWAY!!! this week!! Stop on by!!

    kari & kijsa

  3. Darling the will get a big kick out of those!
    Hugs, Dain

  4. Good morning sweetie! Oh how I have missed your humor while we were away on holiday! I always love your crafts, no matter what they are! Just wanted to stop by to wish you a really wonderful day M!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  5. So precious! I love them all! I just found your blog and it's wonderful. I would love to invite you to follow me on my blog, I am following you! You are so creative!

    You might want to visit my blog, my giveaway ends this Friday, and the winner will be announced on Saturday, the 31st. Just look for the banner with Pink Roses, of course! It's something I think you will love! Thanks for such pretty pics! Mimi


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