January 18, 2009

Have A Heart!

That title has a double meaning for me today....
Obviously, this post is centered around a "Heart "
theme...but also, I am begging your indulgence for
a time. I finally got my own computer
(THX AGAIN GUYS!) And I am not very adept at
using it yet...Mac is a completely different animal!
But, I am finally all set up... (THX POOKIE!!) and
this is my first post on my computer, from my own
home while sitting on the floor...WOW!

Question: What do you Mac people use for photo
editing???? I have IPhoto, but I'm not really feeling
it! Too limited, so I was thinking of buying my old
Corel program for Mac...I need more borders or
I'll go nuts!!!

OK...enough of my blah, blah, blah...

I was having fun today digging out all my hearts
that I'll be needing for decorating and crafting!
Thankfully, Kae has always been a fan of the heart
shape, so we are never in short supply of them!

A few beads for earrings & things....

These are cute little stickers that are "supposed"
to be for scrapping...but they look so cute in their
little box, I've never been able to use them!!!

I brought out all the sparkly, shiny hearts
I could find!!

And broke out my heart pins!!!!

I add all the little "Valentine-y" touches to
anything that couldn't out run me !!!

No matter how small!!!!

I really put my heart into it!! :)


  1. I love all of it! So happy you are able to post again. Have a happy week.

  2. Wow! A MAC! Lucky you! I can't help you there. Your hearts are so adorable! Love the cookie hearts and the little heart in the birdcage.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have some beautiful stuff!

  4. I absolutly am in love with your hearts!!!! You're pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!! You have a new follower in me!!!

  5. Love the heart in the birdcage! Very sweet!

    Love all the Valentine touches!

    You're blog is ultra charming! I always want to have tea in a pretty cup after I visit you!

    Happy Sunday!

  6. You always knows what appeals to your readers, especially me. The sparkles! Love how you hung that pretty heart in the little birdcage with the sparkles in the votive holder.

    Glad to hear you got a new computer too. Enjoy! xxoo

  7. Every little detail is just adorable. I love all of your hearts!

  8. So many hearts! So very pretty, too. Congrats on your new 'puter.
    I'm looking forward to all your new posts.

  9. Hey congratulations on your new computer... I love having my own. I love all the beautiful hearts you have, so so pretty....


    hey hubby says to use Picasa it will work with Mac. Hope it helps you out.

  10. Heartful Thanks for a beautiful Post!

    Glad you've got your very own computer - I hate sharing mine!

  11. Hi M
    How have you been?
    I love your hearts, especially the one in the cage.

    You are so creative!

  12. Nice to meet you, thanks for visiting my art blog...

    Your hearts are simply beautiful...such variety and sparkle. Makes me think of Valentine's Day.


  13. I heart this post! During the year I tend to focus on roses, crowns, fleur de lis, etc., but hearts always make a grand entrance for Valentines' Day! Thanks for posting so many of your sweet hearts and for seeing my quatrefoil chairs! My Valentines' Day post will be coming soon!

  14. Hi M.... you might try asking Lori at Katie's Rose Cottage.... she also has a MAC and she has pretty borders like you like.... let me know cause I have MAC but have never figured out what program to buy...

    Your hearts are just the prettiest... what is about hearts that just make you happy....
    I LOVE my MAC ... I think you will too when you get use to it...

  15. wish you fun fun fun with your Mac! I just have an ordinary Dell, but it's ok! I think I also would have some starter probmels with a Mac... very nice hearty post! Greetings from Germany, Mira!
    p.s. is your blog-welcome picture a picture from your own home? very beautiful... love the seat!

  16. Can't help you with the program but I can tell you my son recently bought a MAC and loves it. And I love your hearts! Happy Monday!

  17. Congrats on your new computer. Yippee!!! You will have such fun on it and it is all yours!!! I will miss your fancy borders so I hope you figure something out. I think you've got the best borders on the blog block!!

    I love your hearts! That is my favorite shape also and it was so nice to see such a pretty variety!

  18. Well, this post is just full of love!! Everything is so, so sweet!


love to hear from you! ;}